Hey!  My name is Luisa Fernanda.


I’ve been traveling since I was a baby, most of the time in my country México. I’m from Mexico City.

My Mom and Grandparents used to do rock climbing so, I think the adventure it’s on my heart.


When I was 10 years old I found my dream, I wanted to be a Flight Attendant. My dream, combine my two passions Airplanes and Travel.

So, I did; when I was 19 years old I became a Flight Attendant and I enjoyed every single day.

A few years later I quit my job but decided to continue traveling on my own, my time, my way and it’s been wonderful.


Since 2002, I have traveled to over 18 countries. And hope much more in the future.


But this dream AMAIXICO happened because I want to share with you the best of my country.  State by state the museums, towns, food, traditions and all the colorful things that only México have.

I want to share with all the travel lovers the best, tips and secrets of my beautiful and enigmatic México.


With that in mind I started this and I hope you enjoy it with me!

Feel free for any questions or doubts.


Let the Colors Be In your Life!


Luisa Fernanda.


The best of México.