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Los Cabos All You Need to Know and More

Los Cabos all you need to know about the amazing beach

Because you can never have too much Beach, I’ll share with you the best Guide to Los Cabos All You Need to Know, to visit this paradise. One of the most spectacular beach sites in Mexico, for everybody.

If you like fascinating places, Los Cabos, in the peninsula of Baja California Sur, is a must and the ideal place to enjoy the beach, incredible activities, and good food.

Los Cabos is a unique place, with the best weather, a lot of fun activities, marvelous resorts and one of the most beautiful natural aquariums in the world, because of the great diversity of marine fauna and fantastic scenery.

Los Cabos all you need to know and more.
The Pacific Ocean at Cabos

Where is Los Cabos Located

It is located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula at the Pacific Ocean. Los Cabos is one of the five municipalities in the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

The coastal zone includes San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas; in between, there is a 33-kilometer Tourist Corridor that connects them.

In this tourist corridor, you can find luxurious resorts, golf courses, spectacular restaurants, marvelous beaches and everything you need to spend the best days.

Los Cabos all you need to know for the best vacations.
View of the cliffs.

Things you need to know about Los Cabos

Los Cabos is definitely the desert with an ocean view!

The desert and the beach in the same place, you can do aquatic activities and the same day fantastic adventures in the desert. There are not so many places like this in the world, that’s why Los Cabos is such a visited place in Mexico.

The Weather subtropical with warm days and a little cooler night. It almost never rains and what predominates are the sunny days.

The International Airport located 11 kilometers from San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico.


The best activities at Desert and Ocean Pacific at Los Cabos, Mexico.
The beach or desert? Here you can enjoy both.

Los Cabos All You Need to Know and More 

In this Guide to Los Cabos, I’ll show you the best activities.

The Arch

The Arch is the most popular tourist attraction, the distinctive icon of Cabo San Lucas is the rugged rock formation of El Arco, which rises from the sea at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of ​​Cortez. This area is also known as “The End of the World” since that part of the continent ends there. You have to arrive by boat and when the tide is low something extraordinary happens, a beautiful beach appears below the arch. As a joke, on one side it is called the beach of love and on the other the beach of divorce.

Waterfall of Sand Under the Sea

To observe this underwater wonder, which is formed by the friction between the tectonic plates, you must submerge to more than 30 meters.

For this reason, maybe not everybody can do it; but if you have the opportunity, it is something that you should not miss.

All the best activities in the natural places at Cabos, Mexico.
Snorkeling at one of the most beautiful natural aquariums in the world.

Marine National Park Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

It is a living coral reef; Cabo Pulmo is an impressive reef, one of the oldest on the Pacific coast of America, with an estimated age of twenty thousand years.

At some moments of the year, you can swim with the whale shark, the humpback whales, and the impressive manta rays. For diving or snorkeling lovers, this is a paradise; and for this reason, we must not forget the fragility of these ecosystems, and understand that it is in our hands to protect them. 

Wander in San Jose del Cabo

One of the best activities is to walk and explore San Jose del Cabo, a beautiful Mexican town, with lovely colonial houses, galleries, stores and wonderful restaurants. You can visit Cacti Mundo, an extraordinary botanical garden, where you can admire a complete variety of cactus in Mexico.

Visit its beautiful church, which was rebuilt after a hurricane in 1918, buy colorful and pretty handicrafts, enjoy the Art district and explore it all.

Golf Courses in Los Cabos

For Golf lovers, they’ll find a high-level variety of Golf courses with marvelous views and close to the resort area. 

Exploring the best places at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
The best adventures at Cabos, Mexico.

Best Things to Do in Los Cabos

Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

If your traveling to Cabos, I’m sure you want to do Fun Activities! Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Los Cabos is one of the best activities, of course, it’s your decision, but why not do both?

You’ll love it, it’s a fantastic place to explore and enjoy the wonders under the sea.

And there are so many tour options so, it’s going to be easy to choose the perfect one for you! Just ask about the places you want to visit, the time of each activity, the number of people who make the tour; or if you prefer it to a tour only for you.

Compare the prices and choose the one that best suits you!

The best underwater activities, boat rides, scuba, snorkeling.
The boat ride and the best water activities.

ATV and UTV Tours

Explore the desert, the beach, the mountain or a mix of the different landscapes at Los Cabos. There are several companies that offer these fantastic tours.

A wonderful way to enjoy the best views of the Pacific Ocean.

Kayak Tour

Zip Lines


Yacht Rental

You will definitely find something for everyone if you like adrenaline, adventure or simply relax and enjoy the natural wonders.

The best extreme adventures at Cabos ATV, UTV, horseback riding.
ATV adventures at Cabo San Lucas, beach and desert.

Where to stay in Los Cabos, Mexico

A very important part of this Guide to Los Cabos is, Where to Stay? In the Tourist Corridor of Los Cabos, you’ll find a wide variety of stay options. It only matters what you choose, the amenities, the price you want to pay and the type of accommodation you prefer.

If you go on a Honeymoon, with family, friends or traveling solo; there is an option for each case.

Luxurious Resorts with all the amenities

All-Inclusive Resorts (For Families or Adults Only)

Boutique Hotels


Camping Places

It will be very easy to find the best place to enjoy dream vacations.

The best resorts and restaurants at Los Cabos, Mexico.
Spectacular view from El Farallon Restaurant.

Where to eat at Cabos

As a destination full of contrasts, Los Cabos has experienced a complete mix of culinary influences from around the world.

Traditional Mexican food mixes with different countries creating unique culinary experiences.

The variety of restaurants and prices is endless in Los Cabos. But I’m sure it will be one of the best experiences of your visit. Delicious and cheap, local food, expensive delicious with amazing views, with recipes of the best chefs, etc.

But I definitely want to share my favorites:

Mi Casa, Authentic Mexican Restaurant.

Flora Farms, Organic and Delicious.

El Farallon, with a fantastic view of the cliffs.

Mexican food, International or cuisine mix at the best restaurants at Cabos.
Mi Casa, delicious Mexican food. Plus a colorful and lovely place.

Whatever your desire about Los Cabos, I assure you that it will be much more than what you expect. Relax, adventures with lots of adrenaline, explore natural beauty or just a unique experience.

Because definitely, this destination is much more than a beach, good food, and spectacular weather. You’ll love Los Cabos.

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Comments (54)

Los Cabos always interest me! This post made me wanna head to the Mexico and enjoy the beach!


Thank you so much!
I hope when you visit Mexico you have the chance to stay at Los Cabos, it’s a wonderful destination with certainly amazing things to do.


Looks like an amazing place to visit… I’d absolutely love to snorkel there someday! We’re taking our boys to Hawaii this summer and it will be their first time snorkeling. I hope they love it so we can travel to fun new places like this to snorkel!


Thanks Elizabeth!
I hope that the boys have a wonderful snorkeling time in Hawaii, and I promise they’ll love Los Cabos too! The variety of marine life is spectacular!


I will be somewhat close to here in a few months! Maybe I’ll be able to venture this way! This guide is perfect if I can make it!


Thanks so much Jessica.
I hope you have the chance to visit Los Cabos, you’ll love it! There are so many incredible activities that it will be an unforgettable trip.


Mexicos has so many options to choose from! Los cabos looks beautiful and all the adventures seem so fun. Really love the photos you took. Thanks for sharing


Thank you so much! You’re right Mexico has a lot of options. The beaches at Baja California are so different from the Caribbean at Cancun or Cozumel Island, all beautiful, but so different.
Cabos has something special for every taste.


Desert w an ocean view! I definitely should see this. Photos are incredible!


Thank you Gonca!
Yes, you should definitely visit Cabos one day! The different kind of desert and ocean activities are unique here.


This looks incredible. I’ve clearly been to the wrong beaches in Mexico. I’ll make sure I check out this place next time I’m in Mexico, thanks so much for sharing!!


Thank you Noraly!
All the beach destinations in Mexico are different, but I’m sure there’s something for everybody. I hope you can visit Cabos soon.


I am interested to know more about the Scuba diving scene. How is the visibility and variety of Marine life there? Is it worth visiting only for Scuba diving?


I guarantee that even if you only visit Los Cabos for the interest of diving it would be a wonderful experience. Cabo Pulmo is the best place to explore the great beauty and variety of species.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your comments.


I just love to see landscapes that are rougher and you can feel the force of nature 🙂 . Combined with the possibility to have some great scuba diving experience there, Baja California Sur has been a while on my bucket list (yes, most of the western coasts of the Americas are famous for scuba diving – you can see lost of bigger fish there)


Thank you Mario!
I hope you can visit Baja California soon!
It is very interesting the mixture of landscapes and the beauty of the ocean, so unique in that part of the world. I promise you Scuba Diving there will be a wonderful experience!


Thanks for this information! I’ll have to visit now because I love riding ATVs. The water and beach look so serene.


Thank you Silvia! If you love ATVs yes, you have to visit Los Cabos! It’s a fantastic activity with amazing views.


Los Cabos looks great. How would you compare th snorkeling to other parts of the world?


Each place has a unique beauty. What makes Los Cabos special is the great variety of marine species, specially in Cabo Pulmo is unique and spectacular. That’s why snorkeling in Los Cabos is a fantastic experience.


Wow, Los Cabos has a lot to offer. I would love to snorkel in this natural aquarium, looks serene. Ant they have ATV too, if you want it to be adventurous. Great capture of the views too.


Thank you Laurence!
I love that about Los Cabos, beach and desert at the same time. You can relax but also have fun adventures in the same place.


Loved reading this article so much. I recently visited Mexico but I didn’t get chance to visit Los Cabos, really wish I did now. Also wish I came across your article before I went!


Thanks Emilio!
I hope you can come back soon to Mexico and this time for Los Cabos. You’ll see that is a fantastic place for any kind of vacations, relax or adventure!


I’ve always heard of Los Cabos but have never been. Looking at your beautiful photos and detailed post makes me want to go soon! And I love Mexican food!


Thank you so much!
I promise you will not be disappointed when you visit. It is a fantastic place and the food is a unique mix or authentic Mexican.


Wonderful pics with scenic panorama to savor, the Los Cabos is amazing destination to travel in Mexico.


Thank you so much!
It is definitely a wonderful place in Mexico. Beach, desert a lovely town and lot of fun activities.


I love the natural landscape of the area. For me, it’d be ziplining, kayak and maybe try some parasailing for adventure. It doesn’t look crowded so it’s a plus.


Thank you Kemi!
Excellent choices, kayaking was a wonderful adventure for me, peaceful and good exercise haha.
It gets more crowded around Christmas or Easter but the beautiful weather makes it the perfect destination all year!


Los Cabos looks like a beautiful place. Love the variety of adventure activities at Los Cabos. I’d definitely visit here whenever I plan to travel to Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula.


Thank you Anjali!
I love that you want to visit Los Cabos. You’re right about the variety of activities, not only water options, but also at the desert, at the lovely town and something for everybody.


An entire life time seems not enough for Mexico! So many things there to be seen! I hope I can fit this one as well!


Thank you Angela!
You’re right I have been traveling through Mexico all my life and I still have a lot of places to visit. There’s something different and special on every state.


This beautiful article and your amazing pictures literally made me want to pack and head to Los Cabos right away! Hopefully I get the chance to visit one day


Thank you Daniel!
I hope you have the chance to visit Cabos soon! There’s something special for everybody at that fantastic place.


I love how there’s so much to see and do outdoors. It looks like a great place to visit!


Thank you!
Yes, there are a lot of fantastic activities at Cabos. Very unique because if the desert and ocean mix.


I have added Los Cabos on my bucket list to visit when I go to Mexico. It looks beautiful. Loving all the pictures. Great blog.


Thank you Farah!
I’m so glad that you loved it! I’m sure you’ll have a great time anywhere in Mexico.


I am so delighted to read this post as I have discovered a new destination, that too in Mexico, which has been on our list for a very long time. Added Los Cabos in our itinerary and saving this guide to future reference.


Thanks Navita!
I hope you can visit Cabos soon! It will be a wonderful surprise. The mix between beach and desert is unique and beautiful.


I’ve been to the Cabos and it definitely is a beautiful region. However, we came from a much less touristy place so it was a bit too busy for us. For me, it could be a bit more….Mexican 😉


Thank you Renata!
I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! But yes, there are some seasons when it’s not too crowded. I love it around February when it’s warm and beautiful.


Mexico has such fascinating landscapes. The waterfall under the sea is unbelievalble. I love everythig you descripted in this post and I knew nothing about los cobos before!


Thanks Sinjana!
I’m so glad that you like all that about Mexico. Los Cabos is a different type of beach in Mexico, fantastic and with awesome activities.


Los Cabos is home to few close friends. I wish I have visited them when I was still living in Belize. These pics remind me how beautiful Mexico is!


Thanks Christine! I hope you have the opportunity to visit Los Cabos one day, and of course visit your friends!
I promise you’ll have a wonderful time there.


I’ve been wanting to visit Mexico for ages! Just added Los Cabos to my list thanks to your guide! I heard snorkeling there is spectacular! Thank you for sharing!


Thanks Simona!
I’m so glad that you added Los Cabos to your list, because it’s a wonderful beach. And yes, snorkeling there it’s a must activity, I hope you can make it to Mexico soon!


You had me at Mexican food, let alone this absolutely beautiful scenery! It definitely looks like a unique destination to visit and I’d love to try the snorkelling too.
Thanks for sharing,


Thank you so much Jaz!
The authentic Mexican food and all the mix makes a fantastic culinary experience.
It’s a beautiful place to explore and relax.


I’ve spent a bit of time in Mexico but never been to Los Cabos. It certainly looks impressive and sounds like there are lots to do. The snorkelling looks fantastic.


Thank you Paul! I hope you can visit Cabos soon! I’m sure you’re going to have a wonderful time snorkeling. It’s a beautiful beach with a lot of fun activities.


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