Visit Edzna Mayan Ruins in Campeche

Visit Edzna Mayan Ruins in Campeche

I want to share with you an archeological site not so popular in Mexico, Visit Edzna Mayan Ruins is a wonderful idea if you travel to Campeche. This ancient Mayan city is one of the most interesting in the area because of the technological advances that have been discovered in it.

These ruins are not as visited as Chichen Itza or Tulum next to the Caribbean, but not for being less impressive. Being a fewer popular site makes the visit more pleasant and you can appreciate every detail of these amazing pyramids in Mexico.

“Study the past if you would define the future”

Full view of Edzna archaeological site Campeche
Amazing view of Edzna Ruins.

Where are Edzna Ruins located

It is located at the State of Campeche, Mexico; southeast of Campeche City and only 1 hour away.  

Getting to Edzna from Campeche

It is really easy, there are two options; the best option is to take public transport, which is very common, easy and safe in Campeche. Public transport or Colectivos, are Vans that can take you to different places for a really cheap price. Despite being the best way to visit the ruins, you should take into consideration that the vans leave you at about 300 meters from the entrance of the site and pick you up at the same place. On the way back, you may wait a bit (around half an hour) while waiting for the Colectivo back to Campeche City. Maybe it can happen that some drivers offer you a lift or a ride, in my opinion, it’s not the best idea, it’s better to wait for public transport.

The second option is much more comfortable but also more expensive. You certainly can hire a tour that includes the entrance to the ruins, a guide, and transport.

I prefer to do it on my own since the price rises a lot, but if you want the easiest and the most comfortable way, this is it. You can ask at your hotel or at different places in the city for the tours to the Archaeological Zone.

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Exploring the beautiful Edzna Campeche, Mexico
Beautiful view of Edzna

Visit Edzna Mayan Ruins Mexico

Tips to the Mayan Ruins 

  • You have to buy the tickets at the ruins and the entrance fee is around 60 pesos.
  • You should take water, mosquito repellent, sunblock, and very comfortable shoes.
  • The schedule is Monday through Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Edzna Night Show

Now you can enjoy a night show at the archaeological site, the show is presented every day only during the holiday season. The show is titled Edzna, Espejo de Los Dioses but it has a different price to the regular entrance at the Mayan ruins.

Visit Edzna an amazing experience
Spectacular structures.

Edzna Mayan Ruins History

The city was founded around 600 BC as a small community and its main activity was agriculture. This Mayan city had numerous religious, administrative and residential buildings, but the most interesting was the advanced hydraulic system.

The Mayans developed a network of canals that drained the valley and the water was led into a lagoon, at the same time they served to irrigate the fields.

Because of the high humidity in the land, they could produce a large crop and, in the canals, abundant fishing. Its drainage system was impressive and they managed to get the rainwater to artificial deposits, called Chultunes.

During its better time, the site got to have up to 25000 inhabitants, later the gradual decay of the place occurred, until its total abandonment, in 1450.

History of the Mayan cities in Mexico Edzna
The structures are very well preserved.

Main Structures in Edzna

The large Acropolis

It is a wide quadrangular space with several monumental structures, the most impressive Building of the Five Floors (Edificio de Los Cinco Pisos)

Edificio de Los Cinco Pisos

A spectacular five-story pyramid (31.5 m high) that has numerous rooms and construction in the upper part for the temple.

Five story building Edzna Ruins Mexico
The Majestic Five-Story Pyramid (Edificio de Los Cinco Pisos)

Main Plaza

It is a wide space, where is based on the greatest number of monumental constructions of the site. In north and south, there are two Mayan roads or Sacbés, which were used for circulation within the city.

Temple of the Large Masks

El Templo de Los Mascarones has two representations of the solar god, at dawn and sunset. The masks have anthropomorphic characteristics with aesthetic attributes typical of the elite, such as dental mutilation, nose rings, earmuffs, and large zoomorphic headdresses.

Juego de Pelota

The Ball Court consists of two parallel structures in the upper part where some rooms that were possibly used to place in them the images of the deities associated with the event. As in any archaeological site in the world, it is very important to be careful, although it is maintained and restored, we must take care of them.

What is your favorite archeological site in Mexico?

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1 year ago

Edzna is amazing! I’ve visited it a few times over the years and it is one of my favorites. It’s nice that as large and spectacular as it is, still doesn’t get too crowded with tourists. Love your photos.

Mark Philpott
5 months ago

Wonderful, I would really like to visit here. I need to find someone to go with, I could take my dog Oska.