• Parish San Miguel de Allende
    Colonial City,  Guanajuato,  Magic Town

    San Miguel de Allende the Fascinating City

    San Miguel de Allende the city that makes us fall in love at the first moment was named by Travel +Leisure magazine as The Best City in the World in 2017 thanks to its artistic, gastronomic and cultural heritage. A colonial city with a unique charm, where you can appreciate the old Mexico combined with the modern.  The beauty of its cobbled streets, the warmth of the people, its beautiful architecture and delicious food are some of the reasons for having been named Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2008 and Magic Town in 2002. My first encounter with San Miguel was a long time ago when I was…

  • Guanajuato view night
    Colonial City,  Guanajuato

    Guanajuato Historical and Artistic City

    Guanajuato City is one of those Mexican cities that you have to discover walking and getting lost on its tunnels and colorful streets. My first visit to Guanajuato was many years ago and all I remember is from the old photos. But the city hasn’t change that much and we appreciate that. It is still a beautiful cultural and authentic Mexican city. It is located only 4 hours from Mexico City, if you decide to take a bus it’s really easy, just go to the North Terminal Bus Station in Mexico City and you will find a lot of schedules every day. I never use a car in Guanajuato, I…