• The Guelaguetza Festival at Oaxaca, Mexico

    Guelaguetza The Most Colorful Festival In Mexico

    Guelaguetza is a festival to show the beautiful and unique traditions of Mexico and specially the state of Oaxaca. In each state of Mexico, you can enjoy amazing and colorful celebrations that invite visitors from all over the world, but the Guelaguetza is unique. The reason of this festivities is the tribute to Oaxaca through the expression of dances and music. The name Guelaguetza comes from Zapoteco and means “giving and sharing”. What is The Guelaguetza Festival It is absolutely a multicolored party, it takes places in the state of Oaxaca since 1932. The festival takes place in July every year. Different ethnic communities from the state of Oaxaca come…

  • Huatulco Bay a beautiful relaxing beach at Huatulco, Mexico
    Beach,  Oaxaca

    Huatulco Bays a Lovely Paradise

    Huatulco is a very unique beach in Mexico, if you are familiar with another beach sites in Mexico, you will see that Huatulco is a complete different story. It is very different from the most common beaches in Mexico, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Los Cabos.  Here you will see a different tourist type, Huatulco makes you feel relaxing and happy instantly! Huatulco is located in the state of Oaxaca and the easiest way to visit is by plane, it has an international airport so, nothing to worry. Arriving to the beach you’ll see a very different airport; a big fresh and perfect for the place Palapa. That make me feel…