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Paquime Archaeological and Pre-Hispanic Site

Paquime Archaeological Site and ruins

The amazing Paquime, an archaeological site that seems out of a movie, with a totally different and unique architecture that blends with the landscape.

The wonderful place was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It was a city built as a maze, nowadays in my opinion it seems like a magical place. Maybe I have a great imagination, but I imagine Paquime on a futuristic movie at the desert.

The beautiful maze ruins of Paquime at Chihuahua, Mexico
The beautiful ruins of Paquime.

Where is Paquime located

Paquime is located 260 km from the city of Chihuahua, Mexico. The name Paquime means “Casas Grandes”, (Big Houses) in Nahuatl language.

Casas Grandes is also the name of the town where this Archaeological zone is located.

There are some tours that take you from Chihuahua to Paquime, with a guide, lunch and transportation included.

The UNESCO Paquime City Ruins at Chihuahua, Mexico
The maze city is just amazing.

History about the Ancient City Paquime

It was a Pre-Hispanic settlement located most of western Chihuahua and some of the states of Sonora, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah.

The city began around 700 AD and had its end around the year 1340 AD.

The researchers estimate that the population probably had 3500 inhabitants.  It is believed that the site had at least 2000 rooms.

Paquime ruins ancient city a World Heritage Site at Chihuahua, Mexico
I think I can get lost here.

What makes Paquime a unique and fantastic site are its adobe constructions, so different from most of the Archaeological places in Mexico.

There were two ball game courts and the experts think it was an observatory.

At the end of its days, around 1340 AD the city was vandalized and burned, this caused that the population had to emigrate.

Paquime Archaeological Site the ruins of a different ancient city in Chihuahua, Mexico
I can’t believe so many years later, the city is still so beautiful.

At the site, the most important constructions are:

· Snakes  House  Was used to breed macaws and turtles.

· Macaws House 122 buried macaws were found here.

· Ovens House  Here is the place where the agave used for mezcal was cooked.

· Dead House  The biggest amount of human rests was found here.

Model of Paquime City at The Museum of The ancient city of Paquime, Chihuahua, Mexico
The model of the gorgeous city.

Museum of Northern Cultures

The museum is on one side of the ruins and the entrance ticket gives you the access to the archaeological site and the museum.

The entrance fee is cheap and has cafeteria, store, toilets and parking space.

At the museum you can learn all about this fantastic ancient city and also see textiles, vessels, ornaments, necklaces, bracelets and many other beautiful things.

View of Paquime years ago in a model at the Paquime Museum in Chihuahua, Mexico
Paquime many years ago.

Paquime is a surprise, very different from Teotihuacan, Palenque or Tajin. If you have the opportunity to visit Chihuahua, don’t miss this fantastic Ancient City in Mexico.

Don’t forget as always on these places, sunblock, comfort shoes, sunglasses, and maybe a hat.

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i love to visit archeological sites. So this post is really appealing to me. What an awesome place to spend the entire day!


Thank you Sinjana!
Paquime certainly is a fantastic archaeological site and very different. It was a wonderful experience to explore the ruins.


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