The best guide on what to do in Manzanillo, Mexico.
Beach,  Colima

Manzanillo a peaceful beach in the Pacific.


Manzanillo a peaceful beach in the Pacific, located in the state of Colima.

Is a small town with no so many tourists as the Riviera Maya or Puerto Vallarta, but there are a lot of things to do, delicious food and the people are great.

The airport is very small, but it’s international. When you arrive at the airport my advice is that you take a taxi to the town, you can share a van or take your own taxi. (40 min. ride).

The beautiful beach in Manzanillo and the perfect sunsets in Mexico.
Glorious sunset at the Pacific.

In my first visit to Manzanillo, I was4 years old and it was so different from now; not so many resorts or activities to do, but always a beautiful place to enjoy the beach and the delicious sea food.

Now, the options are more and there is something for everybody.

What to do in Manzanillo

  • The water activities here are my favorites.

Surfing, Snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, banana boating, or maybe fishing.

You can take different tours to do these amazing activities or take teaching lessons in case you want to do it like a pro.

  • Play golf.

There are 3 great golf courses in Manzanillo. Happy Golfing!

  • Take a boat ride to Barra de Navidad Town.

It’s a small beach town located in Jalisco, 40 minutes of Manzanillo.

Walk on the streets or at the beach and enjoy the perfect place to relax.

If you want to eat delicious sea food take a boat to Restaurant Lidia, it’s my favorite because of the view. Try the aguachile and the coconut shrimps.

The best resort Barcelo Karmina at Manzanillo, Colima. Mexico
Sunny day at the Barceló Resort in Manzanillo.
  • Visit Melaque.

Next to Barra de Navidad, is also a small town where a lot of Canadians and Americans spend their winter.

You can buy some handcrafts, take a beer or cocktail watching the ocean and enjoy the little beach town experience.

  • Visit Colima.

 Only an hour from Manzanillo is the city of Colima.  It is situated between two volcanoes, Nevado de Colima and Volcan del Fuego, the last one is active.

You can take a tour to the volcanoes or just explore the beautiful city.

  • Visit Comala.

Just a few minutes from Colima is a Magic Town (Pueblo Mágico, is a selection that exists all across the country).

A beautiful Mexican town, you are going to fall in love with it.

Make sure to visit the cathedral and taste the famous Ponche and its different flavors (don’t worry it has less alcohol than the tequila).

One of the best things to do in Manzanillo, relax at the spa.
The massage and relaxing space at the resort.
  • Enjoy the Beach.

Of course, the most important thing to do in Manzanillo is to relax and enjoy the long warm beach. My favorite beach is La Boquita, located in Santiago Peninsula. It’s the perfect place to swim, walk and of course eat delicious sea food.


Where to stay in Manzanillo

There are a lot of options here; big resorts, hotels, or maybe rent a house at the beach.

  • For big resorts my favorites are: Las Hadas; Famous in the 80´s because of the movie “10” filmed there. It’s a beautiful resort to enjoy and relax.

Barceló Karmina Palace; an all- inclusive resort perfect for all ages with good restaurants and private beach.

  • Rent a House. There are several houses to rent on Santiago Beach. You can rent one with pool and in front of the beach for a few days or more.
The beautiful beach for the best activities in Manzanillo, Mexico, snorkeling, diving, fishing, golfing and more.
A view from the long beach in Manzanillo.


Beautiful view of the best resorts in Manzanillo, Las Hadas and Barcelo Karmina.
A view from my favorite Resorts.

Where to Eat in Manzanillo

  • Marina Puerto Las Hadas. There are a lot of restaurants at the Marina with a lovely view and delicious food.
  • Oasis Ocean Club. Located at Santiago Beach is a delicious restaurant with a wonderful Pacific Ocean View.
Beautiful restaurant in Manzanillo, Colima perfect to enjoy delicious Mexican Food.
Lunch time next to the beach.

There are a lot of good options to eat in Manzanillo but my favorites are always next to the beach

Manzanillo is one of my favorite beaches in México, you are going to enjoy no matter what you choose. It’s the perfect place to relax all day or explore every corner.

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