Mineral de Pozos almost a Ghost Town

Mineral de Pozos almost a Ghost Town

This amazing Magic Town in the state of Guanajuato is Mineral de Pozos almost a ghost town. But almost, now has become a charming place in the semi-desert, a perfect location for photographers, Instagramers and lovers of unique places.

Almost stopped in time, this beautiful place is now a destination to enjoy nature, abandoned structures, unique architecture and more.

The best things to do at Mineral de Pozos almost a ghost town in Mexico.
View of the abandoned place.

If you have time, my recommendation is to visit more of Guanajuato. Magic Towns like San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato City, Dolores Hidalgo, Yuriria and more.

The state of Guanajuato is so fascinating that you’ll want to explore every corner.

Mineral de Pozos almost a Ghost Town, but so Charming

The site was an important Miner Town that almost became an abandoned town with a fall in the metal prices after the Mexican Revolution.

This led to the abandonment of the mines and the town was practically forgotten. But now, the Mexican government has invested in rescuing this lovely village.

Different programs focus on the architecture and conservations of the buildings and properties.

That’s why this is the best time to explore and discover all the things to do in the unique Town!

Abandoned building at Mineral de Pozos almost a ghost town in Guanajuato, Mexico
Santa Brigida Ex-Hacienda.

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Where is Mineral de Pozos located

Located in the gorgeous semi-desert of Guanajuato state.

Only 1 hour from San Miguel de Allende or Queretaro.

Almost 2 hours from Guanajuato City.

And 4 hours from Mexico City.

Old mines, abandoned places and ruins at the Magic Town of Mineral de Pozos, Mexico
When you just love abandoned places!

The Best Things to do 

Visit the Abandoned Mines

One of the main attractions of this Magic Town is its abandoned mines.

The mines reached their peak around the 19th century, where copper, silver, bronze, mercury, and aluminum were extracted.

Some of the most important mines were:

  • Cinco Señores Mine
  • Santa Brigida Mine
  • San Rafael Mine
Abandoned Hacienda at Mineral de Pozos, Mexico
Abandoned Cinco senores Ex-Hacienda

Modelo School and Museum

The Model School was founded in 1897 and was the largest school in the state. It was in operation for about 25 years and it was closed in 1924.

The place has been restored and you can also visit a beautiful museum with a temporary exhibition hall.

Chapel at the Magic town, the best things to do in Guanajuato Mexico
San Antonio de Padua Chapel

Lavender Farms of Pozos

Visit the marvelous ranch Lavender Farms of Pozos, a plantation of aromatic lavender. You can buy their products, witness their production and even stay a night in this wonderful place.

The Lavender Farms of Pozos a great place to visit Guanajuato
Wonderful Lavender Farms of Pozos

Watch the Rain of Stars

Almost any night at this charming town is perfect to enjoy the rain of stars.

Delicious and Authentic Food 

The food will be a delight because you can find delicious Mexican food, but also pre-Hispanic food with traditional ingredients.

Are you ready to try the Squash Flower, Grasshoppers, Maguey Worms or Huitlacoche (a fungus that grows on corns), I think you’ll love it!

It’s going to be an extraordinary experience. The recipes have been preserved with pride to share with nationals and foreigners.

Ruins of the abandoned mines the best attraction
Ruins of the abandoned mines.

Where to Stay at Mineral de Pozos

Get ready to discover charming and delightful hotels?

You’ll definitely get a surprise in this place. There are several options to enjoy for a night or more in this fascinating town.


The best places to visit at the abandoned town of Mineral de Pozos, Mexico
Wonderful and perfect for abandoned place photos.


After the town became almost an abandoned site a few years ago, the government help with a big change, therefore everything is different now.

Different festivals were created, in order to celebrate Mexican ethnic roots.

Mariachi International Festival (April)

Toltequidad Festival (July)

International Independent Film Festival de Pozos (October)

Santa Brigida ovens at the abandoned mine at Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato Mexico
Santa Brigida Ovens at the abandoned mine.

The most important reason for me to visit this charming site in Mexico is the authenticity of the place, almost stopped in time.

As a result of the unique beauty of the place, the lovely people and the delicious flavors, In conclusion, you’ll fall in love with Mineral de Pozos almost a Ghost Town.

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