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San Miguel de Allende the Fascinating City

The beautiful Parish San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

San Miguel de Allende the city that makes us fall in love at the first moment was named by Travel +Leisure magazine as The Best City in the World in 2017 thanks to its artistic, gastronomic and cultural heritage.

A colonial city with a unique charm, where you can appreciate the old Mexico combined with the modern. 

The beauty of its cobbled streets, the warmth of the people, its beautiful architecture and delicious food are some of the reasons for having been named Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2008 and Magic Town in 2002.

The beautiful tradition of Mojigangos in Guanajuato Mexico
The amazing tradition of Mojigangas on the streets.

My first encounter with San Miguel was a long time ago when I was a child. Now more than ever I can tell you is a site you should visit.

I want to share with you the best things to do when visiting San Miguel de Allende.

As in almost any place, the weekends are more folkloric and more visited. My recommendation is to visit it midweek until the weekend to enjoy the two faces of this Magic Town.

Fantastic view of the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato Mexico
Marvelous view of San Miguel de Allende

Where is and how to get to San Miguel de Allende City

It is located in the beautiful state of Guanajuato, just 1 hour from Guanajuato City.

The easiest way to visit San Miguel is from Mexico City. The trip lasts about 3 and a half hours, but the buses are comfortable and you can watch a movie in the meantime. Buses leave from the North Bus Terminal very close to the airport in Mexico City. 

If you are already in Guanajuato City, just take a bus and in only 1 hour you’ll be in San Miguel.

Colorful Center, museums, restaurants, delicious Mexican food, Mexico
Colorful Sunday at San Miguel de Allende

What to do in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

In the most beautiful city in the world, there are definitely diverse things to do, I want to share with you my favorites.

Visit Guanajuato City 

Of course, the best activity to do is combine these two fascinating cities, my recommendation is to spend a few days on each one, but if you can’t, easily get a one-day tour that takes you to visit the other city.

Parish Church of San Miguel Arcangel

The representative icon of San Miguel de Allende is, without a doubt, the magnificent Parish Church of San Miguel Arcangel.

The tallest building in the city, Neo-Gothic style and built with beautiful pink quarry makes this Parish something to admire. By day you can appreciate the remarkable details, but you can’t miss it at night. 

The Parish of San Miguel Arcangel in the center of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato Mexico
San Miguel Arcangel Parish

The original Parish was built in the sixteenth century but collapsed and was built again in the eighteenth century taking inspiration on the European Gothic architecture. 

Inside and outside the Parish is fascinating, admission is free and can not miss the great organ inside brought from Germany.

Inside the old and beautiful Parish San Miguel
Inside the beautiful Parish

As I said you can not miss the opportunity to visit it again at night, the lighting makes it look very different and even more stunning. Walk through the park in front of the Parish or enjoy a delicious dinner in one of the cafes around, with a great view!

The marvelous organ inside the Parish of San Miguel, Guanajuato Mexico
So beautiful inside and outside the Parish.

Walking through San Miguel 

Of course, the best way to discover this city is through its magnificent cobbled streets. Feel free to walk everywhere, in each street, you’ll find beautiful facades and different shades of old and colonial Mexico mixed beautifully with modern Mexico. 

In my walkthrough San Miguel, I found the craft market, delicious street food, art galleries, amazing places to photograph and most important for me the authentic life of this city.

You can take a bus tour that shows you the most important sites, but for me, it’s better to discover places walking.

art galleries and museums at the cobblestone streets of San Miguel, Mexico
Trinitate arts and crafts workshops.

Atotonilco Sanctuary

It is a baroque style temple founded in 1740 and also designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It’s located only 15 minutes outside of San Miguel de Allende, at the small town of Atototnilco. It is colloquially called The Mexican Sistine Chapel.

Most of the work was done by Antonio Martinez de Pocasangre. Because of the details, it took him almost 30 years to finish it!

The amazing and extraordinary Sanctuary in Atotonilco at the state of Guanajuato, Mexico
Atotonilco Sanctuary. You can’t believe how beautiful inside is.
The ceiling of the Sanctuary at Atotonilco, one of the best places in Guanajuato, Mexico
You have to visit this amazing Sanctuary.

Chapel of Jimmy Ray and Casa de las Ranas

For me, it is a place that reflects the folklore of Mexico in the eyes of a foreigner.

The house of the frogs (Casa de las Ranas) is a house-museum created by two artists. One of them, Anado Mclauchlin does the tour, only in English.

Imagine a house and patio decorated with a lot of colors, unique style, and a design that make you feel in a surrealist painting.

The fee is around 200 pesos, it worth the visit if you are in San Miguel.

The colorful and unique Chapel of Jimmy Ray at San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato Mexico
Colorful, Folkloric and Unique. Photo by Casa de las Ranas

Immaculate Conception Church (The Nuns)

A beautiful convent founded in 1775 by a young nun who invested her inheritance. Today is part of the National Institute of Fine Arts.

Admire its galleries, museum and the amazing dome inspired on Les Invalides in Paris.

House of Ignacio Allende

At that historic building was born one of the most important heroes of the Independence of Mexico.

Beautiful property with great history during Independence and has now become a museum.

The fee is around 37 pesos.

The historic and important house museum of Ignacio Allende in Mexico
The historic house of Ignacio Allende

Where to stay in San Miguel de Allende

What do you prefer? Boutique Hostels, B&B, Fancy hotels, and Spa, you can find all options and a lot of prices.

If you are looking for something very special the Rosewood Hotel is a great choice, with an amazing view of the city, restaurants, spa, excursions and more.

Some of the hotels have Hot Springs in its facilities, restaurants with great views of the city, luxury suites or just clean and simple rooms to spend the night.

Hacienda Taboada Hotel at San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato Mexico
Hotel Hacienda Taboada and Hot Springs

Where to eat in San Miguel de Allende City

I love to try on different places, the market, street food, small cafes and why not a fancy style restaurant.

The market is full of delicious Mexican food low-priced.

Hecho en Mexico is an expert in Mexican food at good prices.

Aperi Restaurant it’s a great option if you are looking for a pleasant evening in a stylish restaurant. Here you’ll find a small boutique hotel and spa.

There is a win everywhere! The food in San Miguel is delicious and varied.

San Miguel de Allende Sunday outside the church in Mexico
Weekend life at San Miguel de Allende
Old and historic streets at San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato Mexico
Old historic and beautiful streets at San Miguel

Adventure activities in San Miguel 

Horseback Riding

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Zip Lines

ATV Tours

Visit San Miguel de Allende will be an unforgettable experience.

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