The trip that sparked the travellers in us

The trip that sparked the travellers in us

“The trip that sparked the travelers in us” that’s what me and my wife fondly refer to our short getaway to Mexico, as an all in good reason. We took on Mexico as most North Americans as an escape from the harsh winter we had last year and we were hooked. What started off as an idea for a birthday present to my wife now marks the beginning of our travels around the world.

The trip that sparked the travellers in us Puerto Vallarta

Mexico was everything we imagined and more, we visited Puerto Vallarta known for being a tourist location we decided to take the tried and tested way and go all in for an all-inclusive option. The place we stayed at was called Buenaventura Grand Hotel & Great Moments, which boasted a couple of pools and a great all-inclusive package.

Although we have traveled separately before this was our first trip as a couple and we knew off the bat that it wouldn’t be a trip without a ton of exploration.

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The trip that sparked the travellers in us Guest in Amaixico


The great thing about an all-inclusive is the stress-free no cash environment it sets up for you and this being one of our first trips it proved very helpful while budgeting it out.

The trip to and from the airport to the resort was taken care of along with all meals. This gave us a lot of time to plan activities around the area. We had planned to visit the boardwalk and a couple of beaches.

Puerto Vallarta, MexicoThe trip that sparked the travellers in us

I suggest putting a little more research than we did while planning out our route. I do so because the first route we charted out was to the beautiful beach playa las Animas which was a quick route through the beach Los Muertos but we ended up taking the long way around which was supposed to be a 15-minute hike quickly turned into a 45 minute uphill scurry.

Beautiful Puerto Vallarta .The trip that sparked the travellers in us

Puerto Vallarta Beaches

The beaches were spectacular rocky and mossy in some parts with a fine powdery white sand that slipped right between your toes and slowly nestled your feet into the warmth it had stolen from the Mexican sun.

So much more than we expected, we had a couple of bikes that we had rented so we drove around different parts of the city and took in the local sites. We were visiting right after spring break so we didn’t see too much tourist activity and had the beaches largely to ourselves and some locals.

The trip that sparked the travellers in us Mexican delicious food

A couple of tips while scouting for these two beaches in particular

  • They are located on the south end of Los Muertos beach which is particularly crowded during the afternoon, I suggest getting there early so you can leisurely access and take in these beaches sometimes have them all to yourself.
  • You have to take the stairs over El Pulpito over to Las Ampas which is a beautiful beach in itself so walking with a good pair of sandals is the best idea.
  • You then have to walk over a narrow path over the edge of the beach to actually get the start of Conchas Chinas which has more than enough space and sun to relax.

These are beautiful beaches in themselves and sometimes it helps to discover them on your own to truly enjoy them but whatever the case be sure to get along a beach towel because you will definitely be here a while.




Aaron and Ayesha.

We quit our full-time jobs, put all our stuff into storage and decided to travel. We are Aaron and Ayesha.



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