Travel can be an awesome and transforming education.

Travel can be an awesome and transforming education.

One of the concerns Dan and I share is our children growing up thinking everything revolves around them and the small community we live in.  The world isn’t a larger version of our neighborhood.  Traveling the world can be one way of educating our families on the many adventures outside our community.

Travel Awesome Transforming Education.

When I started homeschooling, 14 years ago, my desire was for my children to love learning. I wanted my family to see education more than textbooks and sitting inside four walls all day cramming for tests and being passive learners.  True education is a continual quest that doesn’t happen only through books, tests and the memorizing of history facts.  

I wanted my children to have an active learning experience where their senses come alive with the sights, sounds, and tastes that other cultures have to offer.  We’ve accomplished that by traveling during our homeschool journey to destinations like China, Poland, Germany, Austria, Costa Rica, and Mexico just to name a few. 

Our children are stretched so thin today with school and their many activities. Where does that leave their family life, the true cornerstone of a great education?

One of my favorite trips, with my family, was to Cancun, Mexico.  Cancun is on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula bordering the Caribbean Sea.  With Cancun’s rich and diverse marine life, Mayan culture and delicious food it’s the perfect location for a fun family vacation.   And, of course, the white beaches are awesome!

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Cancun Travel Awesome Transforming Education with family.
Cancun, Mexico Travel Adventure.

Why I love Cancun

When it comes to a family-friendly all-inclusive resort you can’t beat the Hard Rock Cancun Hotel.  With its oceanfront location, family-deluxe suites, and Cancun’s laid back vibe guarantees it was a perfect vacation for our family.  It has every amenity for Mom, Dad, and kiddos!

With the unlimited array of entertainment, outdoor and indoor restaurants and drinks you don’t have to worry about what to feed everyone or at what time.  Who can pass up the opportunity to eat and drink unlimited for one week?   Perfect for Moms! 

As Moms we are very busy, at home, always making plans about what to fix for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  An all-inclusive vacation is a fun break for parents and children and teenagers also.   

We’re members of a FANTASTIC vacation club so it was an easy decision to choose the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun.  We checked out several resorts and that one had what we were looking for.  With all their exclusive amenities it was an easy decision and with the click of a button, we were booked and on our way.

Family Time

We enjoyed a variety of family-style shows, on-site sports, and a day at Xcaret Park, a family-friendly eco-archaeological park, in Cancun.  The Ecological Park has snorkeling, underwater caves, food, exotic animals and many shows.  What a fantastic way to experience the natural aspects of Cancun in a safe and fun environment and get away from the hotel for a while.  Spending the day with your family and meeting other families is such a great way to create memories for your family.   Our kids loved it and so will yours.  We even have a teenager who loved it.  Bonus!

The best of Xcaret Park in Cancun, Mexico. Traveling with family.
Xcaret Park is a wonderful Eco-Park for the family.

Hard Rock Cancun Hotel

There is something for everyone at the Resort and it is very cost-effective for a great family vacation spot.  While Mom a.k.a ME savored in a fantastic spa treatment Dan took the girls parasailing.  The first time for all 3 and they had a blast.  The parasailing was an extra, low-cost expense but the spa was my treat because we had $750 hotel credit from the Hard Rock thanks to our vacation club.

Dan and Jordan played sand volleyball while Sydney and I stayed in the pool and enjoyed being with one another.  I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do than spend quality time with my teenager enjoying great conversation without the interruption of cell phones even if just for a short time.  I loved it!  We even “partied down” in a foam party at the pool.  You have to get crazy now and again.  Why not?  Laughter is the best medicine.  It’s very important for our children seeing their parents laughing and having fun!  It shows them know that there is more to life than work, work, work.  

Traveling and learning with the family at the Riviera Maya. Cancun, Mexico.
Having fun at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun.

Here are 3 smart tips to help you plan an AMAZING FAMILY VACATION:

  1. Research your destination as a family.  We don’t take our homeschool on vacation with us.  Our vacation IS our homeschool.  Once you spend quality time at your destination there will be plenty of opportunities to immerse in the local culture eating local cuisine, finding new local friends, or take a class and visit historical sites.  I can almost guarantee your children will learn twice as much having meaningful experiences than memorizing a bunch of facts from a book.
  2. Get off the beaten path.  A couple of years ago we went on a Caribbean Cruise to Cozumel Mexico. I didn’t want to spend money on ship excursions, so we rented a jeep, instead, and with a little prep work before we left I found a place where we could snorkel without the crowds.  After we snorkeled, did some swimming and ate lunch at a local’s private home we headed off on our own exploration of Cozumel Island.  We were on our own for the next few hours and as long as we made it back to the ship, before departure, we knew we would have a blast.  Drinking fresh coconut from a roadside stand, having lunch on the beach while holding a live starfish and visiting a turtle sanctuary was just a sample of our family adventure.
  3. Model Family Relaxation. We spend the majority of our time, it seems, running to keep up with the demands of life.  Jobs, errands, to-do lists, and many activities keep everyone busy in our families today.   Children see their parents work and most teenagers have jobs.  But it’s equally important to model rest, relaxation and recreation. Vacations are the perfect place to unwind with your spouse, laugh with your children or rekindle an old friendship.

       It’s amazing what happens when we let our guard down, put away the electronics and have a heartfelt conversation with a family member while on vacation.

Travel can be an awesome and transforming education. Cancun, Mexico.
Laughing and having wonderful family time in Mexico.

If you would like to know more about the Hard Rock Cancun, Xcaret Park or our VIP Vacation Club just private message me!

See you on the Beaches of the World!


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Miha Ella
1 year ago

I love the sea in Cancun….the water is always so clear and turquoise???