Real del Monte The Magic Miner Town

Real del Monte The Magic Miner Town

Real del Monte Town is one of the wonderful sites in Mexico that seem to be stopped in time. It almost looks like a movie set.

Also known as Mineral del Monte, this charming miner town, has much to offer for travelers who love authentic little towns. British influence, beautiful houses, abandoned mines, a very special cemetery and much more. I want to show you this lovely town and all its secrets.

Mineral del Monte is located in the state of Hidalgo, just 2 hours from Mexico City.
So, if you’re visiting Mexico City, I recommend you to dedicate a day to explore the state of Hidalgo. You’ll find beautiful places, in addition to Real del Monte.

Real del Monte or Mineral del Monte beautiful buildings at Hidalgo, Mexico
Beautiful Magic Town
Old abandoned mine experience at Real del Monte Hidalgo, Mexico
Old mine equipment.

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Things to do in Real del Monte

English Pantheon

The English Pantheon is located in the highest part of the town, built by the British in 1851. Although the first tomb is from 1834, the cemetery was built as it is now, several years later.
The Pantheon has 755 tombs, all aligned and oriented to England, except one. The rebel was Richard Bell, a world-famous clown, who decided to be buried there, with the condition that his grave had another orientation.

The English Cemetery at Real del Monte unique and old at Hidalgo, Mexico
The English Pantheon

From the 60’s and for almost 50 years, there was a man who took care of the place and the heritage, Inocencio Lara. In 2005 he was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II, who named him a member of the Order of the British Empire, being the only Mexican to have received this Order.
In 2014 Prince Charles of Wales visited Mineral del Monte and the English Pantheon.

Real del Monte or Mineral del Monte at the English Pantheon Hidalgo, Mexico
Tombs at The English Cemetery
Entrance Pantheon at Real del Monte town in Hidalgo, Mexico
Entrance to The English Pantheon.

Acosta Mine

The mine was active from 1727 to 1985. It is now a very important museum where you can learn the history and work of the miners. One of the best parts of visiting Real del Monte is to explore a real mine, it’s a great experience.

Acosta Mine abandoned at Real del Monte the best things to do at Hidalgo, Mexico
Ready to explore the Mine.

Difficulty Mine in Real del Monte

A place of great historical importance for Real del Monte. It has also been transformed into a museum and is worth to visit it. Check the original equipment and take the chance to learn all about the mines and the hard work that this meant.

The Difficulty Abandoned Mine and Museum
The Difficulty Mine

Museum of Occupational Medicine

It was a hospital built for the miners in 1907. It is one of the most beautiful constructions of the place, its architecture and collections make it unique and very interesting. You’ll discover how was a hospital at that time in Mexico, with the original equipment.

The Paste Museum

The museum opened in 2012, there you can learn about the history of the town and also about the Paste, a traditional dish introduced by the British. The Paste was the miner’s food, and at the museum, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to prepare one. By the way, it’s really delicious.

The Paste Museum the English food you can prepare in a Mexican kitchen
Learn how to prepare your own Paste!

Old Mexican Kitchen at the Paste English Museum in Real del Monte Hidalgo, Mexico
Old Mexican Kitchen.

You can visit more abandoned mines in Taxco, Zacatecas, Mineral de Pozos and other places in Mexico.

Real del Monte Town History

The mining district of Real del Monte begins in the colonial era. In the nineteenth century, the British brought to this region the first steam engines, the pastes, and the football.
The mines were exploited for many years, but after the Independence of Mexico, they were abandoned.
In 1824 the owner of the mine, Thomas Murphy, signed an agreement to continue working in the mines and take advantage of their greatness. For several years, foreign people worked in the mines, mainly British and Irish until 1906.
Nowadays, people are very proud of the cultural and industrial heritage, as well as the mix of nationalities and traditions there.

Equipment for the old mines at the town in Hidalgo, Mexico
The past and the present.

Where to stay

If you want to spend a night in this beautiful Magical Town, my favorite options are:

  • Hotel Santiurde
  • Alondra Hotel Boutique
old Mine equipment at the museums Hidalgo, Mexico
It’s so amazing how the mines work.

Tips around Mineral del Monte

Real del Monte is at an altitude of 2712 m. above sea level. For which is mainly cold, rainy or cloudy, in winter maybe you find snow.
There are many more things to do in Hidalgo just a few minutes away; visit the City of Pachuca, El Chico National Park or maybe some of the other Magic Towns of Hidalgo:
Mineral del Chico
Huasca de Ocampo

Mine abandoned tour adventure at Real del Monte Hidalgo, Mexico
An old and wonderful mine.

My recommendation is, bring sunscreen, a hat, but also something to cover from the rain and cold. The weather is a little crazy and it changes really fast there.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful and charming town.

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Another historical place that I get to know! Wow! I’m learning more about Mexico from you. I would love to explore the real mines and the museums. Thanks for sharing this place.

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