Puerto Vallarta, a beach in the middle of the mountains

Puerto Vallarta, a beach in the middle of the mountains

Puerto Vallarta is a destination that will make you fall in love with Mexico.

The beautiful beaches, delicious food, the wonderful town, and exquisite architecture makes you want to return many times.

Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful place that I have visited many times, but each one is different and makes me discover great new things about this paradise.

In my first visit, I was 2 years old, so I don’t remember much, but in the last few years, it has become one of my favorite places in Mexico, very different from the gorgeous Riviera Maya but so beautiful in different ways.

Let me tell you something, I love sunsets and I have had the opportunity to appreciate it in different countries, but there is something special about this beach. The color mix in a special way every day and makes gorgeous postcards that you will never forget.

The best sunsets at Puerto Vallarta beach in the Pacific Mexico.
The best sunsets in Mexico.

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Why travel to Puerto Vallarta

It is very simple, there you will find the largest bay in Mexico, Bahia de Banderas.

It is not only huge and gorgeous, but it is also part of the club The Most Beautiful Bays in the World, an international association created in Berlin that selects the most beautiful bays in the world.

Where is Puerto Vallarta located

Let’s start by saying that Puerto Vallarta is located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico in the Pacific Ocean. Puerto Vallarta is located next to New Vallarta (Nuevo Vallarta), which belongs to the state of Nayarit.

Both are fantastic, but each one has its own unique style. About Nuevo Vallarta, I’ll talk about it in another post because it deserves a completely separate mention.

But any of the two destinations you visit will be amazing.

The best view of Vallarta, ready for snorkeling, diving and swimming at the Mexican Pacific Ocean.
One of the best views of Puerto Vallarta early in the morning.

The best way to get to Puerto Vallarta is direct to the international airport, which is only a few minutes away from everything.

You can do it by car if you’re visiting Guadalajara, just keep in mind that it will take you around 5 hours by bus.

What to do in Puerto Vallarta Beach, Mexico

There are a lot of options.


I will catalog it as the best activity to do there since it covers a lot of the special places I am going to mention.

You don’t need to use transportation to most of the sites. I even do it from my hotel to different places walking only by the beach.

Walk at the beach of Puerto Vallarta a beautiful place in Jalisco, Mexico.
You can walk through the beach for hours.

Visit The Marina Vallarta

Marina Vallarta is a beautiful place to enjoy in the afternoon, you will find very diverse stores, delicious treats, cafes, Mexican restaurants, fancy dining options and bars with a cool atmosphere.

My favorite part of the Marina is the Lighthouse, a very nice and romantic place for a drink to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. You will love the nice view of the yachts and the bay.

There is also a wonderful 18-hole Golf Course, for Golf lovers is a must.

The Marina Vallarta is only 5 min. from the Airport and you will find also on budget hotels or fancy resorts.

Afternoon at the Marina Vallarta, a place for lunch, drinks, or walk enjoying the best view of Vallarta, Mexico.
Marina Vallarta, one of my favorite places for lunch and more.
Yachts and boats at The Marina in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico.
A storm is coming! so beautiful even on a rainy day.

Boardwalk Puerto Vallarta Beach

The best part of Puerto Vallarta is the Boardwalk or Malecon it’s now pedestrian-friendly and I promise you will find surprises on every corner. There is no schedule to visit this wonderful walk by the sea.

In the morning you find delicious breakfasts and a quiet walk, at noon the food options are a lot more with restaurants and cafes offering Mexican food, International, snacks, seafood and why not maybe a beer or tequila!

At sunset the story is very different, people from different nationalities meet at the Malecon to appreciate the marvelous sunsets and enjoy delicious dinner. You can choose romantic, family or more festive restaurants with great views.

Puerto Vallarta restaurant with the great view of the amazing ocean in Jalisco, Mexico.
Delicious seafood with a great view!

Romantic Zone Vallarta

You’ll know that you are in the Romantic Zone by its cobbled streets and narrow sidewalks. You have to walk closer to your companion, this is why it is called the romantic zone.

You’ll feel in a little town and also find cafes, bars, small restaurants, art galleries, little stores, and a few small hotels.

If you want to stay away from the big resorts, here you can find smaller great options.

Parish Our Lady of Guadalupe

The favorite landmark in the city is Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. It can be appreciated from several points of the city and it is one of the most photographed spots in Puerto Vallarta for a reason, it is really beautiful.

The first foundations of the church were in 1903 but for many reasons and conflicts it was almost finished until 1952 and in 1965 they placed the beautiful crown on the top that we can appreciate nowadays.

The Parish of our lady of Guadalupe at the centre of Vallarta, Jalisco in Mexico
Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish with the beautiful crown on top.
Explore downtown of Puerto Vallarta with the church, art galleries an the best restaurants in Jalisco, Mexico.
They were remodeling, but still beautiful Parish.

Art in Puerto Vallarta

Besides the beautiful beaches, if you love Art, Vallarta has a lot to offer. There is a large number of art galleries and the most wonderful thing is that you can access all of them by walking on the Boardwalk and a few blocks back in that area.

It is the perfect excuse to explore every corner of the most beautiful part of Vallarta.

In addition to the art galleries, on the Boardwalk, there are several sculptures perfect for making beautiful postcards and even interacting with it.

But that’s not all, at the same place next to the beach you’ll find authentic artists who make marvelous and unique sculptures with sand. They work only for a tip and when the night comes the tide undoes the sculptures, to start again tomorrow.


The statues an art galleries, one of the best things to do in Vallarta Boardwalk.
Fun Statue in Puerto Vallarta


Play with the art sculptures at the boardwalk of Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico
Playing with Art on the Boardwalk.

Nightlife at Vallarta

My favorite places are Mandala Nightclub, The jazz foundation and La Bodeguita del Medio with delicious Cuban food, mojitos, and great music.

My best recommendation is to walk along the boardwalk and choose the place that goes with your mood.

Enjoy the night life and dance at the many bars in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Mandala Bar on the daylight. If you like to dance it’s a great option!

Other Cool Activities to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Zip-line
  • Whale Observation
Discover the amazing sunsets at the Pacific in Vallarta, Mexico.
Another sunset I know, but it’s so wonderful!

Other Places to Visit Near Puerto Vallarta

I will talk about in another post but if you are in Vallarta and you want to explore more there are some cool places to visit.

  • Sayulita Just a few minutes from Puerto Vallarta in Nayarit is another cool beach with a boho vibe, full of different shops, diners and a lot more. 
  • Marietas Islands Near to Puerto Vallarta in Nayarit are a group of unoccupied islands. The most famous is the Love beach or Hidden Beach accessible only by swimming when the tide is low. There were closed for a time for the damage that has been generated by tourists. But they are open now, just be careful and responsible with the environment.

Where to Stay and What to Eat in Vallarta Beach

This will totally depend on what you want to spend and your personal taste since there are many options for hotels and restaurants.

You can stay on a small budget hotel, hostel or in the most luxurious suite at one of the big resorts or boutique hotels.

You can eat at the market, small cafes or why not taste one of the best and renowned restaurants with chefs that will amaze your experience.

For me, it’s about the location, because I love to stay close to the best places, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. There are so many alternatives for accommodation at good prices and excellent location.

Restaurants at the boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta, several options of International, Mexican, Asian, Vegan and more.
Lunchtime, a beer and my tired but happy face!


Mexican and International Beers and drinks in the afternoon and night at the beach in Vallarta, Mexico
Enjoy The Mexican or International Beers

I hope you enjoy the lovely Puerto Vallarta beach as much as I do!

The tourist office is located on the Boardwalk if you need more information.

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