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Tequila Jalisco, not just drinks but a lovely place

The best guide on what to do in Tequila Jalisco.

Tequila, the Mexico’s representative drink, is made in a beautiful town called Tequila in the state of Jalisco.

Do you know tequila? I’m sure you do, but Do you know Tequila?  I think you’ve taken this liquor once or a lot more, it’s a beverage that either you love or hate.

Well, do you want to know where tequila is made?

If you are traveling to Guadalajara or any place in Jalisco you must visit this very interesting place.

Tequila Jalisco is located 60 km (37miles) from Guadalajara, really easy to visit on a day trip or if you prefer to stay a few days. There are several ways to visit this Magic Town in Mexico.

The best things to do in Tequila Jalisco. The beautiful blue agave plantations.
The beautiful blue agave.


How to get to Tequila, Jalisco

Train   For me to take a train anytime is a good idea, but in this case it’s a unique experience. It’s not just a regular train, is a special train to make you feel the real adventure.

There are two different train experiences. The first one is Jose Cuervo Express, here you choose to do the tour it in the morning or in the afternoon. One way (the first or the return) is by bus and the other by train, includes open bar, visit to the Hacienda, explanation on how the liquor is made, mariachis and a very festive atmosphere.

The second option is Herradura Express, on this one you have both ways by train, Mexican food, exclusive Herradura beverages and of course the experience on how the beverage is made. You can choose between classes, even VIP.

I think is a little expensive but of course is up to you and the way you prefer the experience.

Just a tip the train takes two hours to get there, so you will have enough time to savor the ride, and be a little careful with the beverage, because at the tour you’re being drinking and tasting all day.

The Jose Cuervo train to Tequila, one of the best activities in Tequila Jalisco.
Jose Cuervo Express Train to Tequila Jalisco. Photo by Jose Cuervo

Bus   A less expensive option is to visit by bus, it is a great experience too. There are many companies, Tequila Express have different options including the bus, visit and explanation on the tequila process, a visit to the magic town, Mexican food and mariachis.

Or you can buy with other companies only the bus ticket; this option is also good because you can decide how much time to spend there, which tequila factory do you want to visit, where to eat, if you want to stay a night in there and a lot more.


I like both options, it just depends on which one you prefer. No matter bus or train, the landscape will be wonderful.  It’s a trip that I enjoyed from the very beginning.

The wonderful view of agave plantation at Tequila Jalisco. One of the best activities at Tequila.
An amazing view of the agave plantation.

Tequila a Magic town and a World Heritage Site UNESCO

I’ve written before about the wonderful magic towns in Mexico, and this is one of them. Also is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2006 like Agave Landscape and Ancient Industrial Facilities of Tequila.

The Agave Landscape is something to appreciate, from the road you’ll see the blue agave plantations. Of course, Tequila is the perfect place to enjoy the exquisite drink but is not only about that. Is a charming town to explore and learn curious facts about the distillation of this drink.

There are many legends, religious beliefs and festivities, any tour you decide will be very useful to know much more in depth this lovely town.

Visit at the Tequila Jalisco City Hall. One of the best things to do in the magic town.
The legend of tequila’s history at the City Hall.

What to do in Tequila Jalisco, Mexico.


National Tequila Museum

The museum is a great and very cheap option to learn the history of the Mexican liquor. The building dates from the late nineteenth century, charming and well preserved. The collection has folk art, special exhibitions and a variety of different old bottles.


Tequila Distillery Tours

A must to do is visit one or more of the many distillery places. There are a lot of options, you can choose between many famous tequila brands. The prices and the experience are similar, you’ll see the agave plantations, learn the manufacturing process in ancient time and nowadays, how to drink it and discover the varieties of tequila.

You can eat in one of the tequila factories and I think is a wonderful idea, the dishes are exquisite and many of them are made of course, with TEQUILA.

One of my favorite part of the tour was the shopping time! You’ll find a great variety of tequilas at very good prices, but also souvenirs made of agave fiber, “caballitos” (the little glasses where you drink the delicious elixir) and much more.

Visit the Tequila Factories, taste the tequila, learn the process of tequila and live the Tequila experience.
The agaves and ovens at the Tequila Factory.

Walking Around Tequila

The best way to appreciate the town is to walk through its beautiful streets. You can visit the beautiful Santiago Apostol Parish built in the XVII century, the City Hall where you’ll find a very interesting painting that describes the emergence of tequila.

Appreciate the sculptures made of bronze that refer to the Jimadores (the people who harvest the agave).

One of the beautiful restaurants at Tequila Jalisco, a lot of options where to eat in Tequila.
Cholula restaurant. A great option for Mexican food!

Where to stay in Tequila Jalisco

There is a great variety of places to stay in this lovely place, certainly the prices will depend on the category. My favorites are Solar de las Animas Hotel, located in the heart of the town, an awesome and luxurious hotel with all the amenities you need.

And the second one, a few minutes from the center, Matices Hotel de Barricas, a very distinctive hotel where you can stay in one of the rooms that simulate the barrels.

Of course, you’ll have less expensive and also beautiful options close to everything.

The beautiful and unique Hotel de Barricas at Tequila Jalisco. Experience one of the best hotels in Tequila.
The unique Matices Hotel de Barricas at Tequila, Jalisco. So beautiful!

Where to eat in Tequila Jalisco 

This is a very simple question, everywhere! There are a lot of options and some of them include of course the tequila in the preparations of their dishes.

You can try street delicious food, the market with very good options, gorgeous restaurants at the hotels or distillery places.

And don’t forget to taste the delicious “Cantarito”, a very refreshing drink made of orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemon, salt and TEQUILA! Oh, the bonus is that you can keep the clay mug as a souvenir.

Jalisco Mexico Tequila brand cocktail
Ready to try the Cantaritos! Delicious and refreshing.


Visit Tequila Jalisco streets on a train, learn the history of this magic town.
The perfect way to wander the lovely town.


Don’t forget a hat, sun block and comfortable shoes and the most important be careful with the crazy and lovely drink!

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Just followed your blog! You have so much great content about Mexico. I think this will be the next country I visit.


Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you liked it. You can contact me for any question or advice, I hope that you can visit Mexico on your next trip.


Tequila Jalisco seems like a nice place to visit. I’m not a big fun of tequila as a spirit, but the Cantarito sounds nice !


Thank you Anna!
Tequila, Jalisco is a beautiful town and the Cantarito is great because is not too strong but it’s refreshing. And all about the place, the delicious food and the pretty hotels make a fantastic experience.


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