Visiting Tlaquepaque for a Day in Jalisco

Visiting Tlaquepaque for a Day in Jalisco

If you travel to Jalisco or Guadalajara, you cannot miss Visiting Tlaquepaque for a Day. A beautiful city, which also has just become Magic Town and is worth visiting even for a few hours.

Tlaquepaque is an authentic sample of colorful Mexico. It is the perfect place to try delicious typical Jalisco food, buy unique handicrafts, listen to Mariachis, visit galleries, museums or simply discover the beauty of the streets and the colorful umbrellas.
It is a tourist center with beautiful colonial architecture focused on crafts of pottery, textiles and blown glass.

” A little magic can take you a long way” 

Exploring Art galleries in Tlaquepaque Jalisco, Mexico.
Colorful streets at Tlaquepaque.

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The Best Things to do in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco

This place can be enjoyed walking since some of its streets are only for pedestrians.

Explore the center 

The first time I visited this beautiful town, the most fascinating aspect was how easy it is to walk and discover all.
Walking you can enjoy the beautiful colonial architecture and the facades of the old houses, which are very well preserved. And they will be even more since this site was named Magic Town in 2018.

Visiting tlaquepaque for a day
Tlaquepaque sign

Independencia Street

It is where most galleries, museums, restaurants, craft shops and the charm of this wonderful Magic Town are located, and of course the Colorful Umbrellas. It’s a  wonder of color that makes you want to explore every corner, and one of the most charming places I’ve visited.

Here you can find Tequila Stores, Mexican Furniture, Mariachis, Beautiful Embroidery, Blown Glass, Breweries, Pottery and of course authentic and delicious Mexican food.

Mariachis and Mexican Food in The Magic Town

El Parian

The best way to appreciate these wonders of Mexico is in El Parián. The construction of El Parián, which means Mercado, began around 1878; and it was used as a market for the sale of various products for nearby towns.

Visiting Tlaquepaque in Jalisco, Mexico.
Monument created as a tribute to the Mariachi and traditional music.

Nowadays El Parián is a must if you want to enjoy Mexican folklore. It is a building that congregates restaurants, bars, and a very festive atmosphere.
The beauty of this place lies in the atmosphere that the different restaurants and cantinas have. All adorned with equipales, a traditional Mexican chair from Jalisco, as well as a kiosk in the middle of the spot.

You just have to decide which one you like and prepare yourself to taste delicious flavors and of course do it accompany by the joy of the Mariachi.

Mexican food in Tlaquepaque at El Parian.
El Parian

What you should try in El Parián.

Tortas ahogadas: A bread stuffed with carnitas, beans and soaked in a red sauce.

Pozole: A pre-Hispanic broth that is prepared with meat, corn and when you eat it you can add lettuce, onion, lemon, radishes, and oregano.

Birria:  Spicy broth that is prepared underground with meat.  You can put on top cilantro, lemon, and onion.

Carne en Su Jugo: Ground beef cooked with bacon and beans. It is also accompanied with lemon and onion.

Jericalla: A dessert similar to flan, sweet and delicious.

The best things to do at Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.
Delicious Mexican food, music and great atmosphere in El Parian.

Any of these Mexican dishes must be accompanied by Tequila, Beer or My Favorite, a Cazuela  (a very fresh drink that is prepared with tequila, salt, lemon, citrus, and grapefruit soda).

Of course, you can explore other food options, and if you want to experience the nightlife there.

Mexican drinks with tequila at Jalisco.
Refreshing Cazuela with tequila, lemon, salt, and citrus.

The Best Museums in Tlaquepaque, Mexico

Sergio Bustamante Gallery

If you like sculptures, art, jewelry Sergio Bustamante’s gallery is something you can not miss.
A local artist who currently sells his fantastic and unique art in different parts of the world. Some of its wonderful sculptures can be found at the Boardwalk in the lovely Puerto Vallarta.

To me, it seems simply extraordinary, with a mixture of magic and popular art.

The best art gallery in Tlaquepaque, Sergio Bustamante.
Sergio Bustamante Art Gallery.

Regional Museum of Ceramics

This museum was founded in 1954 to preserve and promote indigenous art. If you want to know part of the art in the Mexican culture, you must visit this museum.

Rodo Padilla Gallery

The main feature of Rodo Padilla’s work is that his sculptures are a little “Chubby”. His chubby, but very creative sculptures are something you will love and remember.

Rodo Padilla Sculptures Mexico
Me and Rodo Padilla
Mexican town Architecture.
Mexican Details

Pantaleon Panduro Museum

This museum exhibits winning pieces to the National Ceramics Award.

Shopping Handicrafts and Pottery

If you are looking for a Mexican souvenir, this is the perfect place. There you can find wonderful craft shops, embroidered clothing, and colorful accessories at affordable prices.
For being one of the most important centers of pottery production in the country, the creativity here is unique.

Handicrafts colorful Mexican rag dolls.
Colorful Mexican rag dolls.

Shopping Tequila and Mexican Candies

Another great idea for souvenirs or gifts for family or friends is definitely Tequila and Mexican Candy.
In some places, you can even try before deciding on your favorite.

Colorful Mexican Handicrafts.
Colorful crafts

Visit Beautiful Churches

The churches are also a very important attraction, for its beautiful architecture, it is worth the visit. San Pedro Apostol Parish, Nuestra Senora de la Soledad Sanctuary and Santa Sofia Parish.

Tlaquepaque Church
San Pedro Apostol at the Mexican Town in Jalisco.

Day of The Dead in Tlaquepaque

If you are lucky enough to visit Guadalajara between the last days of October and the first days of November; do not miss the celebrations in the town for The Day of the Dead. Artistic, cultural and gastronomic activities that are worthwhile if you are visiting the state.

Day of the Dead Tlaquepaque
Colorful Altar for Day of the Dead.

Beautiful church in Tlaquepaque inside.

How far is Tlaquepaque from Guadalajara

It is only 15 minutes from the Guadalajara Center. If you are staying in Guadalajara you can visit this Magic Town on a tour, that will take you to explore the best of the town. Of course, you can do it on your own, and explore at your own pace. 

I would also like to recommend that you do it preferably during the week and try to arrive early so you can visit it without the rush.

Tlaquepaque art, gallery, crafts and Mexican souvenirs.
Definitely, Jalisco is an excellent place if you like art, pottery or crafts.

Visiting Tlaquepaque for a Day

Of course, you can stay at a hotel in the town, but because of the proximity to Guadalajara, it is not necessary. I have stayed at the center of Guadalajara and it is very easy and accessible. In either of the two options, you’ll have a large number of hotel options at different prices and with all the amenities.

Colorful Mexican restaurant in Tlaquepaque Jalisco, Mexico.
Colorful Mexican Restaurant.

Visiting Tlaquepaque for a day may seem like a short time, but I can tell you that it can be enough to enjoy that wonderful place.


* Most of the time the weather is warm, although it can be a bit more during the summer.
* Comfortable shoes and sunscreen are a very good idea because you will walk a lot!


Visiting Tlaquepaque for a day and the art.
Outside El Parian, the beautiful sculpture.

Wonderful Places Near 

From Guadalajara, you can also visit some other beautiful places nearby, such as Ajijic and Tonala, which are only a few minutes away.

But of course, you can also explore some of the most beautiful Magic Towns of Jalisco.

  • Tequila
  • Mazamitla
  • Tapalpa
  • Lagos de Moreno

Most of them are about an hour away, so it is very easy to visit one of them in a day, you can do it by hiring a tour or on your own.

Visiting Tlaquepaque a family day
Tlaquepaque a few years ago!

History of the Beautiful Town

The word Tlaquepaque means on mud hills, and today the full name is San Pedro Tlaquepaque.

Before the Spanish arrived in these lands, some villages formed a kingdom, governed by a woman named Cihualpilli Tzapotzinco. It was a pre-Hispanic town settled on a hill, reaching 500 inhabitants. In 1530 the Spanish arrived in the area and took possession of the kingdom. In 1821, here was the site of the proclamation of the Independence of Jalisco.

This municipality began to be called San Pedro Tlaquepaque, since the end of the 19th century.

Visiting Tlaquepaque for a day in the Magic Town in Mexico.
Tlaquepaque at night.

I am sure that your visit to this place will be wonderful, and of course, let me know your experiences.

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Tanya Korteling
1 year ago

We spent 5 days in Guadalajara with our Mexican friend who lives there. Tlaquepaque was high on our list after she recommended it but we just ran out of time. It does sound great though, I’ve bookmarked your great post as we may be returning later this year!

1 year ago

You had me at Tequila! Mexico is near the top of my bucket list. And when I go, I will check this place out. Your review is perfect and I love the images. Tequila is my favorite:)

1 year ago

I love all the bright and cheerful colors! Especially the umbrella ceiling. What a beautiful town.

Alexander Rivera
1 year ago

I think my family would love this part of Mexico. We are totally into pottery, crafts, church architecture, museums etc. Also, love Mexican food! May have to add to our bucket list. Great post!

Alex Trembath
1 year ago

We are hoping to visit Mexico for the first time in the next couple of years. This place looks great! Love that you included ideas for foods to try, as we love to sample local cuisine on our travels 🙂
Thanks for the inspiration!