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Xochimilco traditions and fun at once

Colorful boats at Xochimilco, Mexico City.

Xochimilco the perfect place to discover traditions and fun at once in a colorful floating place. 

Located in The Southeast of Mexico City, Xochimilco is one of those places you have to visit at least once in your life.

I’ve been there many times, and is always a wonderful surprise.

Colorful Mexican Xochimilco rides, the trajinera boats ready for a fun day at Mexico City.
Colorful Xochimilco Boats

Xochimilco is a Folklore place, colorful, fun and full of traditions.

A UNESCO world heritage site from pre-Hispanic times long canal system; used for agricultural production.

There are a lot of artificial islands called chinampas and nowadays people board gondola boats called Trajineras. 

The colorful trajineras at Xochimilco boat rides.
Colorful VIVA LUPITA trajinera.

The Best at Xochimilco, Mexico.

The idea is that you spend the time on the boats; you can eat, drink, maybe listen mariachis and enjoy the view. There are another smaller trajineras for food vendors.

Don’t worry about the food or drinks here because there are a lot of options; quesadillas, tacos, grill corns, sopes, candies, beers, micheladas, etc.

All the trajineras are traditionally named after female relatives, so you maybe enjoy the ride in a colorful Lupita, Teresita or Rosita.

My favorite time for the ride is at sunset, looking the colorful sky and because it’s the perfect time to visit the creepy Island of the Dolls.

Mexican Food, Mariachis, Colorful Flowers at Xochimilco in Mexico City.
And the party start.

The Island of the Dolls

Is a collection of old, broken and creepy dolls hanging at the trees, with spider webs, insects, etc.

There is a legend about the spirit of a girl accidentally drowned in the canal many years ago and the property owner started to collect and hang the dolls on the trees for protection. Now there are hundreds of dolls hanging everywhere and also a little museum.

The creepy dolls island at Xochimilco ride.
The creepy Island of the Dolls.

You can watch the Island from the trajinera only for photos if it’s too strange for you.

Colorful traditional boats at Xochimilco. The best things to do when visit Mexico City.
A beautiful and colorful tradition.

Xochimilco, Mexico is not only the ride, you can visit markets of flowers or handicrafts. And a must you have to visit is the Dolores Olmedo Museum; where you will find one of the biggest collections of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, and more than 900  of archaeological pieces. The museum is a beautiful hacienda, you’ll love it inside and outside.

My idea of Xochimilco is a little taste of colorful Mexico. Like I said is an experience that you have to discover in Mexico City.

I recommend you to ask for the price per hour on different trajineras. Here you pay for hour and if you decide to stay more time you can pay for extra time.


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