The Best of Cancun Beach, Mexico (Part 1)

The Best of Cancun Beach, Mexico (Part 1)

Let me show you The Best of Cancun Beach, not only the turquoise water, the white sand, and the wonderful resorts, but also the great activities to do around the Riviera Maya.

This is one of the most important tourist destinations in Quintana Roo, Mexico; and for this reason, you can find a wide variety in all aspects.

Living in Cancun has allowed me to know the wonderful places offered by this beautiful city in the Caribbean, special for all tastes.

I’ll share with you The Best, Where to Stay, What to visit, Where to eat and more.

The Best of Cancun Beach, Mexico.
Sunny and beautiful winter morning.

Weather in Cancun

This site and in general the Riviera Maya has a wonderful tropical climate. Hurricane season begins in mid-June and the most affected months are September and October. But practically all year round the weather is fabulous, sunny and warm.

This Place is for All

It is true that this site is a perfect place for fun, nightlife and partying. But this beautiful place is much more than that.  It is an excellent option to visit with kids, teenagers, friends, family.


If you want the quiet of a honeymoon, a day in SPA, a resort for Adults Only, or just relax at the beach enjoying a few peaceful days; this beach is also a great idea.

Family moments 

If you travel with kids there is a wide variety of activities for them, both inside and outside the hotels.

Adventure and Party 

If you are looking for extreme activities, ecological parks, water activities, archaeological sites or the best nightclubs, the site is perfect too.

Boardwalk in Cancun beach near to bungee jumping.

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

How to get to Cancun

Traveling to this wonderful beach in Mexico is very simple, the Cancun International Airport has national and international terminals.

I recommend you to plan in advance the way you want to get from the airport to your hotel because there are several options.


For me, this is the easiest and most comfortable way. You can book transportation directly to your hotel; this will be the best option if you travel with lots of luggage, children or just for your convenience. It’s cheaper if you hire a round-trip service.


Taking a taxi can also be a good option, just let me tell you that UBER is not authorized in the area yet.

For this reason, you must use the authorized Taxis inside the airport, do not forget to ask the rate before deciding. The price is for the trip, not per person and there is no need to tip the taxi driver.

Sunset at Cancun Riviera Maya, Mexico.
My favorite part of the day, Sunset.

ADO Buses

You can also use the ADO bus service, but they do not reach the hotel zone. The ADO terminal is located in the center of the city and from there you have to take a Taxi outside, to get to you to your hotel.

It is not the easiest way, but if you do not carry many suitcases or if you are staying near the center, it may be perfect for you and less expensive.

You must buy your tickets at the ADO office inside the airport and do not forget to check your ticket with the destination and the correct amount.

Rent a Car

I recommend you to rent a car there or at The Riviera Maya only if you’re going to travel further distances. But maybe you’ll not need it, because the ADO buses can take you to almost all destinations.

You will find all the most important car rental companies, check the price insurance and the conditions of the car. Always respect the speed limits and parking areas.

Nichupte Lagoon at Cancun Hotel zone the best activities.
Nichupte Lagoon at Hotel Zone.

The Best Things to do in Cancun Beach 

There are many options there and around the area; for kids, for adventurers or just to relax.

Water and Extreme Activities in Cancun

Snorkeling, Kitesurfing, Scuba Diving, Jetski, Flyboard, Wakeboard, Parasailing, Paddle Surf, Kayak, Bungee Jumping or even Helicopter Ride. You can rent a boat ride or a yacht, swim with whale sharks, take diving lessons and more.

Some of these activities can be done at the lagoon, which is in front of the hotel zone.

The best beach in Cancun, Mexico for water activities.

Visit the MUSA (Underwater Museum of Art)

The visit to this museum is something you should not miss. MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) is an extraordinary underwater museum of art.

MUSA Museum consists of over 500 life-sized sculptures that make not only a museum and a fabulous experience but also the creation of artificial reefs so necessary for marine life.

You can explore MUSA in different ways.

Snorkeling For me is the perfect way to explore this fantastic museum, take the best underwater photos and have the best time.

Glass Bottom Boat Perfect for all ages, if you’re afraid to swim or just want to experience it this way. You can appreciate this spectacular museum through the enclosed boat with crystals on the sides.

Scuba Diving If you prefer you can dive into the MUSA, and I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience.

Underwater Museum Cancun
Underwater Museum at Cancun Beach

Natural Parks, Cenotes and Underground Rivers in Mexico

If you are a nature lover and want to discover unique places in the world, you have to visit at least one of these wonders.

Most of these places are outside of Cancun, so I recommend you visit them through an authorized tour that includes transportation, entrance and in some cases lunch or buffet inside the Park.

Keep in mind that in most of these tours you will spend all day making it a wonderful experience.

Underground river, caves and cenotes in Mexico.
Underground rivers and caves.

Rio Secreto

Discovered only a few years ago, this awesome wonder of nature is now open and it is visited for many people every year.

Rio Secreto Park, is the longest semi-sunken cave system, where you can explore the underground river, the caverns and all the natural beauty without a dive certification. 

Xcaret, Xel-Ha, and More

Experiences Xcaret is a group of natural parks in Mexico where you can have amazing adventures, at the Riviera Maya.

Xcaret Eco Park and Xel-Ha are beautiful eco-parks where you can make snorkeling, zip-lines, swim in the underground river, caves, and cenotes, learn about Mayan culture, Mexican Traditions and a lot more.

Adventure Xplor Park
Zip-lines at Xplor Park.

Xplor is the perfect park for adrenaline lovers, with exciting zip lines, amphibious vehicles, underground rivers, and caves. You can explore it by day or night at Xplor Fuego.

Xenses is a totally different theme park, an experience for the senses and a very fun adventure for the whole family and for those who love funny pictures.

Xenotes tour is perfect to discover the wonders of nature through fun activities. Kayak, Zip-lines, assisted Rappel and of course swimming at the cenotes.

Xoximilco Tour is an activity that you can do at night if you want to discover the colorful traditions of Mexico. Try delicious Mexican food and Tequila on board of a colorful Trajinera (Mexican Gondolas).

Undergound river, cave and cenotes
Underground River


Another park located near, is Selvatica, an incredible place in the middle of the jungle. Adventure in ATVs, zip line circuit, swim in a cenote, bungee swing and more. 

Cenote Suytun and IK-Kil 

These are two of the most famous cenotes on Instagram. Both cenotes are located approximately two hours from Cancun and near to Valladolid, Yucatan; and absolutely worth it. Most of the tours to the cenote Ik Kil include the visit to Chichen Itza and Valladolid, it is a bit rushed but for the proximity, you can visit the cenote, the Mayan ruins and the Magic Town for an unforgettable experience.

There is a great variety of places where you can enjoy spectacular cenotes, caverns, and underground rivers.

Some more options:

  • Aktun Chen
  • Dos Ojos
  • Chac Mool
  • Siete Bocas
The best things to do at Cancun, Ferris Wheel
The Cancun view from the Ferris Wheel.

Visit Archaeological Sites

As in the entire Yucatan Peninsula, one of the most fascinating activities is visiting archaeological ruins.

These ancient Mayan Cities are one of the places you should visit in Mexico, and it is very easy to visit them.

TIP You can visit the ruins on your own by taking an ADO bus, rent a car or you can also choose to hire an authorized tour that picks you up at your hotel to make things easier if you want.

For all the ruins, my recommendation is that you arrive early when they open because they are very popular sites and have many visitors.

Archaeological Mayan Cities at Riviera Maya Mexico.
Mayan Cities.

Chichén Itzá

One of the new 7 Wonders of The World is Chichen Itza; and of course, if you have the opportunity, you should visit. Chichen Itza is located two and a half hours from Cancun.

It is essential to remember that you have to arrive early to avoid crowds! You can visit during the day but there is also the nocturnal show called Nights of Kukulkan.

Tulum Ruins

The Ruins of Tulum are located less than two hours from Cancun. This majestic archaeological zone is famous for being located in front of the Caribbean Sea and for having a beautiful beach next to the archaeological site.

Tulum Ruins all you need to know at Riviera Maya.
Tulum Ruins


Another wonderful Mayan city that you can visit is Coba, located about 20 minutes from the Tulum Ruins.

Here it is allowed to climb the pyramid, but you must be very careful because it has a very steep slope.

El Rey Ruins

It may not be as spectacular as the others, but it is located inside the Beach area in the Hotel Zone. They are what remains of an ancient Mayan city and you can visit them easily without spending a whole day.

 There are many more options like Uxmal and Kohunlich, but these are a little further, around 4 and 5 hours away respectively.

*In any of your visits to the archaeological sites do not forget a water bottle, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, good shoes, and mosquito repellent.

Visit La Isla Mall

I know that your vacation idea probably does not include shopping, but visiting La Isla Mall is much more than just stores. At La Isla Mall you can find Duty Free shops, the famous Ferris Wheel, an aquarium and a wonderful view of the Nichupte Lagoon. But not only that but also great food options, fast food, Mexican and International food and some beautiful restaurants of great quality and delicious cuisine.

If you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset and maybe a cocktail, this is the place, because next to the lagoon is the best location where you can see a wonderful sunset and walk at the Nichupte Lagoon boardwalk.

In the next post of The Best of Cancun Beach, I will tell you Where to stay and eat, The best NightLife and other places to visit at The Riviera Maya.

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11 months ago

As I’m scrolling down your posts, I can’t help but admire the wonders of the Mexican Riviera! There are so many things to see and do there. We’ve done the Cenote (would love to do it again), parasailing and snorkelling (one of the BEST). The one thing I would love to do all over again is the Underground River. It was but a fleeting memory for us.

The ruins on the other hand is so enriched with history. La Viva Mexico!


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