Exploring Isla Mujeres Guide

Exploring Isla Mujeres Guide

This beautiful island in the Caribbean is also a Magic Town in Mexico, for that and much more is it worth Exploring Isla Mujeres.

In this spectacular island, you will find the most marvelous blue shades in the ocean, white and fine sand, a majestic cliff, colorful Caribbean architecture, and even pirate stories.

Exploring the Mexican island.
The adventure begins.

A very important attraction of Isla Mujeres (Woman’s Island) is the sunrises and sunsets. Due to its location, the island is the place where Mexico awakens. The first rays sunbathe this beautiful island and the best place to experience, it’s Punta Sur (South Point).

You can visit this charming island only for a day or a lot more, because of its location it is very easy to get there.

Caribbean Sea exploring Isla Mujeres guide in Mexico
South Point with the gorgeous Caribbean view.

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The Beautiful Island that is also a Magic Town

I’ve talked to you before about the beautiful Magic Towns in Mexico, but this time is not a regular Magic Town, it is also an Island located in the Caribbean Sea.

In 2015 Isla Mujeres received this great recognition, which helps generate and promote tourism, handicrafts, festivities, traditions, and cuisine of the place.

How to get to Isla Mujeres from Cancun

The gorgeous island is located in front of Cancun beach so, visiting this beautiful island is something you can’t miss.

If you only want to stay on the island, you must arrive at the international airport of Cancun, and from there you can go to Isla Mujeres or any other destination you want to visit in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

If you want to visit the island on a day trip, an excellent option is to do it in an All-Inclusive Catamaran tour. For me, it was a wonderful experience to enjoy the Catamaran, the beach, delicious food, snorkeling and to be able to wander once again the streets of this beautiful island. You can read about my experience at the Catamaran tour in the Mexican Caribbean.


The best view at the Caribbean island in Mexico
My favorite view of the island.

Ferry to Isla Mujeres

Get to Isla from Cancun is very easy, only 30 minutes on a fabulous Ferry ride. By the way, if you want the best view and the sea breeze, I recommend you go on the second floor of the ferry.

There are 4 ferry Ultramar piers, 3 of which are located in the hotel zone. Check the prices, location, and schedules.

The price is almost the same in any of the three options as travel time. I recommend you to check the return schedule at the Ultramar page since not all the piers have the same return timetable.
But don’t worry, the return ticket is open and you decide the day and time you want to return.

Ferry boat to Isla Mujeres Mexico
Ferry’s view on my way to Isla Mujeres.


Gorgeous view from the island.
Relaxing moment.
  • El Embarcadero – Blvd. Kukulcan Km 4
  • Playa Tortugas – Blvd. Kukulcan Km 6.5
  • Playa Caracol – Blvd. Kukulcan Km 9.5

The next option is a little cheaper, with more schedules but is located downtown Cancun.

  • Puerto Juarez – Av. López Portillo SM-84 M-5 L-6 Puerto Juárez

To get to any of the ferry terminals you can take a taxi or public transport at the hotel zone.

South part of the Mexican Island at the Caribbean Sea.
Just amazing!

Exploring Isla Mujeres

The best way to visit and enjoy the island is to rent one of the famous golf carts. This makes it very easy to explore the sites that interest you in your own way and at your own pace.

You can also rent a bike, although during the summer the heat makes the trip a little harder.

There are many companies for Golf Car Rental, I recommend you ask the price per day or hour, so you can decide which one is right for you.

Guide to explore Isla Mujeres in Mexico.
Arriving by ferry to Isla Mujeres.

The Best Things to do at Isla Mujeres

Despite being an island not very large, there is a lot of activities that you can enjoy even if you visit the island for a day trip.

Playa Norte

Awarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, Playa Norte (North Beach) is a place you must visit on this Caribbean island. You can walk from the Ferry Terminal since it’s only a few steps away.
When leaving the ferry terminal, you should only walk to the left and a few steps away you will discover the beginning of Playa Norte.

On this beautiful beach, you can stay in one of the many hotels, enjoy water activities, experience the sunset or simply relax with the beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea.

The Best Beach at Isla Mujeres, Mexico
The marvelous beach at Punta Norte.

Punta Sur

South Point it’s, without doubt, my favorite place at Isla, you will not believe the wonderful view at this part of the island. Punta Sur is the highest part of the island and it’s surrounded by a magnificent cliff with the best views of the Caribbean.

A few years ago, in this wonderful space, Sculptural Park was created with the participation of 23 sculptors from different countries.

Sculptural Park at the Mexican Caribbean the best things to do.
Sculpture and the amazing blue shades.

Due to solar exposure, sea salt and the effects of the environment, the sculptures are not the same. But in my opinion, rust and corrosion give them a cool art image.

At the end of the island, there are some small Mayan ruins, which give the place even more charm. Of course, they are not big and spectacular like Chichen Itza, Edzna or the wonderful Tulum Ruins, but still pretty.

For me, it is an extraordinary moment every time I visit that place, the amazing view, the cliff, the different shades of the Caribbean Sea make a wonderful experience.

Mayan Ruins at Isla Mujeres in front of Cancun
Mayan Ruins on the Island.

At the entrance is one of the lighthouses of Isla, and although it is not very tall it’s beautiful. Next to the lighthouse is the Caribbean Village with a restaurant, shops and beautiful architecture.

There you can also find the monument of the Mayan Goddess Ixchel, Goddess of the moon and fertility, a very important part for the Mayans.

You have to pay a small fee to access the Sculptural Park at South Point Cliff, but it’s totally worth it!

The best activities at Women Island, Mexico
My absolute favorite.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling at MUSA

In the Cancun post, I wrote about this incredible museum. MUSA is a wonderful Underwater Museum of Art located between the waters of Cancun and Isla Mujeres. This wonderful project in Mexico has been very useful to help the marine life that needs it so much, currently, the museum has more than 500 sculptures.

The experience can be done in different ways, diving, snorkeling or in a glass-bottom boat if you’re traveling with children or just want to enjoy it without getting into the water.

The best to do at the Mexican Island in front of Cancun art gallery
Beautiful piece of art.

Swim with Whale Sharks 

You can have the experience of swimming with the biggest fish in the world. It is known that the whale shark can reach up to 12 meters long (39 feet) and weigh around 20 tons.

They are not a danger for the human being, they do not get scared with the divers but as always you have to follow the indications of the experts.

The best season to swim with whale sharks is June to August, there are several companies that offer this tour. As always, I recommend you ask the prices, what is included and look for the best option. It is definitely a fantastic experience.

Garrafon Park

If you’re looking for a natural park where you can do fun aquatic activities, Garrrafon Reef Park is a good option, for families or everyone.

You can enjoy zip-lining, snorkeling, kayaking and also relaxing hammocks, pool, and tours around the island. 

Cliff view Isla Mujeres Mexico
Cliff at the South Part of the Island

Water Activities at Isla Mujeres

This is an excellent place to enjoy water activities, along the whole island you will find different options such as boat tour, kitesurfing, catamaran, scuba diving, fishing, and more. I recommend you, as always, to ask the price, what is included and the time for each activity.

Visit the Cemetery

Mexican cemeteries are unique, colorful and very special. If you have the opportunity, do not forget to visit it, just be respectful.

The cemetery is not big and it’s very close to Playa Norte, it will be really easy to visit.

Mexican Cemetery at Isla Mujeres
Lovely Cemetery

Turtle Farm

This place was created to protect the sea turtles of this region, which are in danger of extinction. The sanctuary releases thousands of turtles every year, although sadly not all survive.

I recommend you visit this place that also has a small aquarium, here you can enjoy and learn a little more about these beautiful animals.

Visit Hacienda Mundaca

The hacienda belonged to a pirate named Fermín Mundaca, legend says that he built the Hacienda for a woman he fell in love with, La Trigueña. But she married another man and he died with a broken heart.

Colorful Mexican beautiful Cemetery

Shopping Mexican handicrafts 

At Isla, you will not find shopping malls, but you’ll find a beautiful variety of colorful crafts and products made by locals.

You can find jewelry, embroidered clothes, tequila, Mexican sweets, lovely souvenirs and more.

Shopping handicrafts, souvenirs at the island in Mexico
Colorful and pretty Handicrafts.

One of my favorite activities is to appreciate the architecture of the place, walk through the beautiful streets it’s the best way to enjoy exploring Isla Mujeres and of course, discover those unforgettable surprises of each place.

Where to Stay at the Island

Here you will find hotels for all budgets, but the most important thing is to book in advance since in high season or weekends many people visit this place.

You can find luxurious resorts, all-inclusive, adults-only, for families or maybe for an unforgettable honeymoon; hotels with all the amenities at a more accessible price or even hostels. Some of my favorites are:

Nomads Hotel Hostel & Beachclub

Na Balam Beach Hotel & Villas

Selina Pok Na Isla Mujeres Hostel

In spite of being a small island, at Isla you will find a great variety of accommodation, you can check the rent of apartments, houses or Airbnb.

Island houses in Mexico.
Replica of an island house.

Where to Eat at Isla Mujeres

You will find a great gastronomic variety, not only Mexican or traditional food but also International, Vegan, and the best Sea Food.

The dish that you have to try is the Tikin Xic fish, cooked with orange juice, achiote, beer, chiles, onion and roasted.  You’ll Love It!

Near Playa Norte, on the beach, and along the island, you will find a wide variety of restaurant options. The variety of prices is also big, both in bars and restaurants, there are options for all tastes and for all budgets. Most places have a menu outside so you can check the options and prices.

Mexican restaurant at Isla Mujeres
I Love Mezcal!

I am sure that your visit to this beautiful island will be unforgettable. There is something for everyone exploring Isla Mujeres, from a relaxing Beach Club to a fun Night Club.

If you already know this fabulous paradise, tell me what you liked most.

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1 year ago

This island is so stunning! It was so helpful to know the various parts around to see, and also how to get here. It doesn’t look overly crowded at all, and I love those kind of quiet places 🙂