What to Expect at Xplor Park

What to Expect at Xplor Park

The marvelous Park is located within a system of underground rivers, cenotes, and caverns that have formed naturally approximately 65 million years ago. Both the environment and attractions make this place unique in the world and one of the most fascinating places in Mexico.

If you like adrenaline, adventure, and natural places, Xplor Park is a place you should visit.

I’m going to share with you all about this fascinating natural park, so you know What to Expect at Xplor Park.

What to expect at Xplor Park
Fascinating view of the park.

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What to expect at Xplor Park

A day full of emotions, surprises, a beautiful landscape, fun activities and if that weren’t enough delicious food!

For me, it was a fantastic experience that I will never forget!

The heart at Xplor
The heart of the earth.

Arriving at Xplor

Just entering the park, you’ll know that it will be an unforgettable day, the area where your equipment is delivered to you is already inside the caverns.

I recommend that you buy your tickets in advance because they make you a discount, and also entering will be faster and easier.

Caverns in Riviera Maya, Mexico
Inside the caverns.

You will only have to present an ID and they will give you two bracelets, and a helmet. The first bracelet contains the key of your locker and the other one you’ll use it to activate the cameras inside the park.

You must use the helmet at all times for security and to have access to the automatic photos inside the park.

Exploring Xplor

The first thing you should do is go to the lockers, to change and save your belongings.

Something very impressive about this site is that to get from one attraction to another you do it through the tunnels that are inside the natural caverns, so going from one activity to another is already a wonder.

What to do at Xplor Park
It’s beautiful everywhere!

Now, I was ready for the adventure!

Activities in Xplor Park

Zip Lines

For me, this was the activity that excited me the most. I had seen the zip lines from below and the road, but it is definitely not the same as being on top. There are two circuits with 7 zip lines each, Venado and Jaguar.

The highest zip line is 45m. (49 yards) high. The total of the two circuits is 3.8 km. (2.4 miles)

With 14 zip lines in total, I guarantee it will be one of the activities you will enjoy most.

Zip Lines at Xplor Cancun, Mexico
Zip-lines adventure.

From the highest zip line, you will have a spectacular view, not only of the park but of Playa del Carmen and even Cozumel Island.

I have to be honest, on every zip line, I felt a mix of excitement and fear, but totally worth it!

You can do the adventure alone, or hooked to a friend, which also makes it very fun.

The highest Zip Line in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
The best Zip Line at the Park.

In either circuit, you end up landing in a beautiful cenote, which creates the perfect ending.

Almost everybody does the zip lines first, but I recommend you do it if you arrive early or you can wait because in the afternoon the attraction is almost empty.

Swimming in Underground Rivers

For many people who visit the parks at the Riviera Maya, one of the most wonderful experiences is swimming in an underground river. It is definitely a unique experience, that you should do.

At the underground rivers are two circuits, one of approximately 30 minutes and other only 5 min.

You can decide which one is better for you or like me, you can do both. I did the half-hour first, and although it is not hard since you have to wear a life jacket, you should keep in mind that maybe it requires a little effort.

Swimming Underground River Mexico
Swimming at the Underground River

The most important recommendation is that you should not touch the stalactites or stalagmites at any time, we must be very careful with that fragile Work on Nature.

Inside the underground river, you will find emergency exits in case you need them.

For me, it was a magnificent experience, I promise that you will not believe the beautiful and incredible formations at every moment of the way.

And don’t forget to look up inside the caverns, you will find many lovely bats.

Swimming underground River Mexico
The end of the Underground River

Amphibious Vehicles

In this adventure, you will drive not only through the jungle but also caverns aboard an Amphibious Vehicle. It is a fun activity that allows you to explore the natural beauty inside the park.

There are 2 roads of 5km (3 miles) each.

To drive the vehicles, you have to be over 18 years old.

Underground Rafts

In case you want to enjoy more of the natural beauty, inside the Underground River there is a way to explore paddling a raft inside the caves.

Underground Rafts at Xplor, Mexico
Underground Rafts inside the marvelous caves.

It is a fabulous way to explore other areas of the caverns, the rafts are light, and it is easy to paddle and enjoy nature at the same time.

Also, there are two circuits, more or less the same length. I recommend you do both because the route and stalactite formations are different.

Hammock Zip Line

Finally, a very refreshing activity is Hammock Splash. Sitting in a colorful hammock, you slide on a short zip line to the beautiful refreshing cenote.

Hammocks Zip Lines Xplor
Hammock Zip Lines

Inside the park, there are some traffic lights that tell you which activities are empty and in which there are more people, so you don’t have to wait.

You can repeat the activities as many times as you want, I did the Venado circuit, and I swim in the underground river twice.

I visited Xplor in October and that’s low season so, I didn’t have to wait in line, and it was very easy to repeat my favorites.

Xplor Fuego

The park can be visited in two ways, day and night. The night adventure is called Xplor Fuego, the activities are the same, but the park is lit with torches and the darkness gives it a very special vibe.

You can choose the one you like best, day or night. Each one has a different price and a very different environment.


Xplor Fuego

All-Inclusive Admission

This is an All-Inclusive Park where all activities are included, as well as buffet and no alcoholic drinks.

One thing that perfectly completed the adventure day, was the buffet.

The buffet is much better than I imagined, it has a wide variety of vegetables to prepare your salad, Mexican food, seafood, international food, desserts and more.

Buffet at Mexican Xplor Park

All inclusive at Xplor Park

About beverages, you can choose between Mexican Aguas Frescas, soft drinks, coffee, cappuccino, and even hot chocolate.

The name of the Restaurant is El Troglodita, and you can take lunch there and come back for a snack if you want.

Mexican Restaurant at Xplor
El Troglodita Restaurant.

Park Hours at Xplor

Xplor Full Day Adventure:   Monday to Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Xplor Fuego:   Monday to Saturday 5:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Gift Shop

Gift shops may sound not be very important, but here is a delight to go through it.

The shop is also inside the caves and this gives it a unique look.

Gift Shop at Xplor Mexico
The most beautiful Gift Shop.

Photos at Xplor

In addition to your cellphone or camera photos, inside the park, there are many cameras that are activated with your helmet.

You can take all the photos you want during the day, also in the zip lines and inside the underground river, there are cameras that capture the best moments.

At the end of the day, you can approach the photo booth to see all and decide if you want to buy it.

The best at Xplor Park
Always ready for photos!

Xplor Tickets

You can buy Xplor Tickets with transportation included, photos or mixing with some other park of Xcaret Group.

What should you take to the Park

Swimsuit (I recommend wearing shorts that can get wet since the zip line harness can hurt if you only use the bathing suit)

Water Shoes (The Aquashoes are perfect for walking through the park and make the activities, just check that they fit well, so they don’t fall during the zip lines)

Biodegradable Sunscreen and Insect Repellent (It is very important that both are biodegradable due to the fragility of the caves and underground rivers)

Waterproof Camera (If you have GoPro, a cell phone protector or a waterproof camera, don’t forget to take them)

Towel and a Change of Clothes.

You can keep all in the lockers.

The best activities at the ecological park


Xplor is a family park but you should keep in mind that the minimum recommended age is 5 years, and the minimum weight in the zip lines is 40 kg (88 pounds).

There is an ATM inside the park in case you need it.

How to get to Xplor Park

If you decide not to include transportation in your admission fee, there’s no problem.

  • From Cancun, you can take an ADO bus that leaves you at the park entrance and pick you up at the closing time. The trip is approximately 1 hour.
  • From Playa del Carmen, you also can take an ADO bus and the trip is about 15 minutes. A taxi is a good idea too, but I recommend you ask the price before deciding because it’s more expensive.
  • From Tulum, the ADO bus is also the best choice and the trip is about 45 minutes.

I recommend you buy ADO bus tickets in advance, either at the offices or online since it is only one bus per day.

The tallest zip line
View from the highest zip line.

The Xcaret Group has several parks that you can visit.

Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Xplor, Xenses, Xavage, Xoximilco, and Xenotes.

In my opinion, it is an incredible place that you must visit in the Riviera Maya, it was a wonderful experience and I hope to visit again soon.

Having fun at Cancun, Mexico.

I hope this guide will help you know what to expect at Xplor Park.

Have you ever visited an Eco-Park?

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10 months ago

This place looks amazing! I’m definitely going to plan to go here when we make it to Mexico. Love how it’s built within a natural environment, so awesome!