The best view at Teotihuacan
Archaeological Site,  State Of México

Teotihuacan a majestic ancient city


Teotihuacan a majestic ancient city located approximately 40 km of Mexico City and also designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

I meet this place when I was maybe 5 years old and I remember it was awesome, but now that I understand it was built without the tools or the equipment of our times it’s just extraordinary.

A common mistake is to think that Teotihuacan is only a two pyramids tour; it’s a lot more to discover in this wonderful place.


A little history of Teotihucan

Teotihuacan was built around 100 BC and it was the largest city in the pre-Columbian Americas. Its population was estimated at 125,000 during this time, around the 7th or 8th century the city was attacked.

Beautiful view of Teotihuacan in the morning
Teotihuacan in the morning.

The meaning of the name Teotihuacan is “Place where Gods were born”. As the name, the history of Teotihuacan is mysterious, the origin of its founders is uncertain. The city was abandoned many years before the Spanish Conquest.

According to the legend, here is the place where the Sun and the Moon became gods.

The legends and the history of this place are magnificent, my advice is that you take a guide tour. It’s going to be amazing when you hear the story from an expert.

The best things to do at Teotihuacan, the pyramids, the museum and the wonderful views
A great moment of peace at Teotihuacan.

What to see at Teotihuacan

  • Pyramid of the Sun.

Is the third largest pyramid in the world and the largest pyramid at Teotihuacan.

The legend says that you have to climb to the top and ask for a wish or receive cosmic energy.  For me, it’s just amazing to be at the top and try to imagine the life there when it was the most important city.

Every year at the spring equinox, on March 21st thousands of people visit the place, dressed in white asking the gods for energy and health.

The amazing Pyramid of the Sun at the visit to Teotihuacan
Pyramid of the Sun
  • Pyramid of the Moon.

Is the second largest pyramid at Teotihuacan, used to conduct ceremonies in honor of the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan, the goddess of fertility, water and earth.

The pyramid of the Moon covers a structure older than the Pyramid of the Sun. A few years ago, archaeologists discovered a secret tunnel similar to the Temple of the Feathered Serpent.

The most wonderful Pyramid in Mexico, Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan
Pyramid of the Moon.
  • Palace of Quetzalpapálotl.

A courtyard with beautiful murals, it is thought the complex of Quetzalpapálotl was home to a high-ranking dignitary.

  • Avenue of the Dead.

The avenue is the main street in Teotihuacan. This Avenue connects important spots in the city. The name is because the mounds on the side looked like tombs, but they are not.

  • Temple of the Feathered Serpent.

Is the third largest pyramid at Teotihuacan and it takes its name from the feathered serpent heads at the edge of each level.

More than 200 sacrificial burials were found at the pyramid and a few years ago a tunnel was discovered beneath the Temple.

  • Teotihuacan Museum.

A museum built to learn more about the culture of Teotihuacan. It has more than 600 samples of bones, obsidian, pottery and shell made by the people of this amazing city.


The Pyramids, the museum, the tour and the best at Teotihuacan, Mexico
Teotihuacan a magnificent place.

More cool things to do at Teotihuacan

 Another options beside the pyramids and the wonderful ancient city.

  • Eat at La Gruta (The Cave). An amazing restaurant inside a Cave just 200 mts (656 ft.) from the gate 5 .

        A wonderful place to take beautiful photos and enjoy Mexican food.

The best Restaurant at Teotihuacan, Mexico La Gruta (The Cave ) Amazing restaurant inside a Cave in Mexico
The unique Cave Restaurant (La Gruta Restaurant) Teotihuacan
  • Take a hot air balloon flight in Teotihuacan.
  • The night experience. A spectacular night event where colored lights and video are projected onto the Pyramids. Check the tickets at the website on advance.
The best experience at Teotihuacan, the night show at the pyramids.
The night experience at Teotihuacan.
The colorful night show at Teotihuacan experience. The best thing to do at Teotihuacan, Mexico
Colorful at night.


How to get to Teotihuacan

  • The first option is to take a guided tour at your hotel. This is the easiest option, but maybe you have less time to explore.

Ask the arriving and departure times first, as well as the options included.

  • The other option is to take a bus and take all the time you want.

Just go to the North Central Bus Terminal and there is a company Autobuses Teotihuacan.



  • Start your tour at the gate 2 because the shops are cheaper.
  • Don’t forget water, sunblock, sun glasses and maybe a hat because it depends on the season, but it could be a really hot place.
  • The place opens Tuesday-Sunday 9 am to 5 Pm.
  • Maybe buy some snacks before.
  • Wear comfortable shoes
The best view at Teotihuacan early in the morning. The marvelous tour in Mexico
Wonderful view of the pyramids in the morning.

You can visit just for a day but you can also stay for more days to explore the towns nearby. There are a lot of options for Hotels, Hostels, B&B and Boutique Hotels.

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