Exploring Charming Zacatecas City

Exploring Charming Zacatecas City

There is a beautiful way to see Mexico, and that is Exploring Zacatecas City, a colonial city that will make you fall in love with the architecture, food, and traditions.

You will be delighted with the beauty of the streets, and especially during the night where the lighting makes it, if possible more charming.

It is a city with a wonderful history that has been preserved and can be seen in its museums and of course in its wonderful Historic Center.

Despite being one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, it is not one of the most visited places by tourists, so it is the perfect city to enjoy and discover the best of Mexico.

Exploring Zacatecas City

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How to get to Zacatecas City

The city of Zacatecas is located in the state of the same name and getting there is very easy since it has an International Airport. The best option is to take a flight from Mexico City since the bus takes approximately 7 hours.

The city is located in mountainous terrain and at an altitude of 2,400m. above sea level. For this reason, the weather is usually a little cold, and sometimes during winter, it can even snow.

The best activities Zacatecas city
The best view of the fabulous city.

The Best Things to do

It is a great city for families, kids, or a weekend getaway. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Zacatecas, and I want to share my favorite things to do in this colonial city.

Cathedral Basilica of Zacatecas

The spectacular Catholic church was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and you will realize that it deserves that title, from its baroque facade full of beautiful details, its interior and history.

The first construction began in 1568, it was modified several times to finish as we know it today.

Baroque Cathedral Basilica Zacatecas
Incredible details on the Cathedral facade.

The Cathedral was built with a beautiful pink quarry, this causes the facade to change color depending on the sun or the lights at dusk.

I recommend you to explore it inside and out, you will find an altar made with 25 kg of 24 karat gold inside.

You have to see it at night, it’s so beautiful!

UNESCO cathedral
UNESCO World Heritage

Cable Car Ride

In my opinion, one of the activities you must do is the cable car. You will have the best view of the city from La Bufa Hill, and you can appreciate the beauty of Zacatecas from approximately 85 m height.

If you want you can choose the one with a glass floor.

Cable Car city view Zacatecas
Cable Car
The best exploring Zacatecas city
Marvelous view from the cable car.

Eden Mine

Have you ever been inside a mine? If the answer is no, you have to visit this amazing place, Mina Del Eden.

The mine was active 380 years, and the first excavations were made in 1586, mainly finding Silver and Gold. It has a depth of 540 m. and is divided into 7 levels. Inside the old mine, you will see the fascinating museum and it will show you the history of the site.

If the museum is not enough, then you have to visit La Mina Club.

Old mine in Zacatecas City
Inside the old mine

La Mina Club Disco and Bar

Inside the mine, there is a bar that you can visit on Thursday and Friday from 4 p.m. and Saturday at night.

The bar is 280m. underground, I’m sure it will be a unique and fun experience.

Zip Lines

Because not everything is culture and history in Zacatecas City, you can also enjoy adventure and great views. If you like adrenaline, you will love this fun experience with a wonderful view.

I love zip lines, and I think it’s always a fun activity.
My favorite zip lines in Mexico are at Xplor Park, in the Riviera Maya near Cancun.

Exploring the streets in colonial cities
Exploring at night in Zacatecas City


Art is something very important in Zacatecas, you will see that in this state the art is not only in the museums. There are fascinating old buildings in the city, churches, convents and of course fantastic museums that you can visit.

Exploring the best of Zacatecas City
Rafael Coronel Museum

Rafael Coronel Museum

This museum is also known as The Museum of Masks, as it has the largest collection of masks in the world, approximately 11,000 Mexican masks.

The Museum is located in an old convent of the 16th century, and also has a collection of Pre-Hispanic art, Diego Rivera artworks, and some other artists. The collection belongs to the Mexican painter Rafael Coronel.

Visiting Museums at Zacatecas
Mexican mask collection

Pedro Coronel Museum

Rafael’s brother and also a painter, the collection of Pedro Coronel is fabulous. At the museum, you can admire pieces of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Joan Miro, and other artists.

Both the Pedro Coronel and Rafael Coronel Museums are spectacular, but not only for the art pieces, but also for the fascinating buildings where they are located.

The best museums in Zacatecas City

Museum of Guadalupe

The building was built in 1707 and was used as Apostolic College, Military Barracks, Orphanage and more.

This historical monument became a museum in 1939, and nowadays it has a large number of paintings, pieces of Viceregal art, a library, carriage room and of course all within a beautiful and very important historical building.

Religious Art in Zacatecas
Religious Art

Zacatecano Museum

This marvelous museum is located in a building built in 1826, which used to function as the Mint of Zacatecas. Here you can admire a colorful and great collection of Huichol art.

Francisco Goitia Museum

It has a big selection of Contemporary Art.

Abstract Art Museum

The Manuel Felguerez Museum has 15 rooms that exhibit paintings and sculptures by Mexican and foreign abstract artists.

Old cars art gallery
Carriage room

Visit Ancient Ruins

Near to Zacatecas City, it is located the Archaeological Zone of La Quemada, just 50 min. from the city.

The Aztecs lived in this place for approximately 9 years, and it is believed that the rise of this city was around 600 to 900 A.D. In the end, the site was burned as a ritual, that’s why the ruins are known as La Quemada (The Burned City).

These fabulous ancient ruins are so close to the city, it makes easy for you to visit this place.

Callejoneada Experience

In Zacatecas, you can enjoy a traditional Callejoneada, similar to those that take place in Guanajuato City.
This is one of the best activities at night, with music and dances you walk around the beautiful streets and alleys, it is the best way to explore the lovely streets.

Festivals and traditions in Zacatecas
Traditional Callejoneada

Where to Stay

There is a great variety of places where you can stay in this city, many of them are beautiful colonial buildings near the center but for me, there is one that stands out.

Quinta Real Zacatecas 

This charming hotel is located in an old Bullring, built-in 1866 and turned into a hotel in 1989.
I stayed in this beautiful place a few years ago, during a road trip with my family.
Without a doubt this historic building is fascinating but of course, there are many other options and you should look for the one that is perfect for you.

The best hotel in Zacatecas
Bullring at the beautiful hotel

What to Eat in Zacatecas

One of the most fantastic things about Mexican food is that each state has its traditional, different and unique dishes. That’s why it is a pleasure to taste the typical food of that region and of course, Zacatecas is not the exception.

Some of the traditional food in Zacatecas are:

Asado de Bodas  Perhaps the most famous dish of Zacatecas is the Wedding Stew.
It is traditionally served at weddings and is a meat stew in a delicious red sauce made with chiles, orange juice, spices, and even chocolate.

Birria, Enchiladas, Gorditas and a lot more!

Exploring Zacatecas City, I realized that it is very easy to find delicious food at very affordable prices. I recommend you try the traditional food, in some of the restaurants in the historic center.

Where to eat in Zacatecas

Magic Towns Near Zacatecas City

One of the best attractions in Mexico is to visit the famous Magic Towns and of course, there are wonderful options to see in this state.

If you have time, I’m sure you will love visiting one of its Magic Towns. Currently, there are 5 of these towns in the state, Jerez, Sombrerete, Pinos, Teul, and Nochistlan.

My recommendation is Jerez since it is the closest, just 50 minutes from the city.

Visit the spectacular Hinojosa Theater, the Handicraft Market, the beautiful streets and buildings.

The best colonial site in Mexico
Sunrise in the city

Festivals and Colorful Events

Different festivals are celebrated throughout the year, showing the beautiful Mexican Traditions, folklore and flavors.

International Folklore Festival.

Baroque Festival

National Fair

International Jazz and Blues Festival

Cultural Festival

Traditions and festivals in Mexico
The beautiful traditions

I’m sure you will love exploring Zacatecas City, full of history, activities, gastronomy, and traditions.

What do you think about this charming colonial city?

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9 months ago

If there’s anyone who can capture and tell a story about Mexico that would be you! If I will visit MX again, I would definitely check this place out. The architecture is just stunning. Wow! So many things to see and do.

Wendy White
7 months ago

What a fascinating place. The cathedral is incredible, so much detail and the baroque architecture is so beautiful. It’s good to know that you can find lots of traditional food here too, we really enjoy Mexican.

5 months ago

Every one of your posts makes me want to go to Mexico now. These cities are so full of history and charm. Thanks for so much inspiration for this gorgeous country 🙂